Zhe Ge Xue Zhang You Dian Tian (2021)

Zhe Ge Xue Zhang You Dian Tian (2021)

Drama: Zhe Ge Xue Zhang You Dian Tian
Native Title: 这个学长有点甜定档
Also Known As: The Fabulous Gentleman Cat , This Senior Is Sweet , Chuan Wen Zhong De Miao Mei Nan , 传闻中的喵美 , 傳聞中的喵美男 , 這個學長有點甜定檔 , This Senior Is A Little Sweet
Screenwriter: Xiang Jing, Fu Lin Ran
Director: Dai Rui
Genres: Romance, Youth, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 30
Aired: Oct 25, 2021
Aired On: Monday
Original Network: Mango TV


Yan Xiao,Jiang Jun Han,Gao Man Er,Zhao Wen Hao,Wu Bo Wei


Youth campus fantasy S-level short drama “This senior is a little sweet” will be broadcast on Mango TV on October 25th. Produced by Natural Selection, Wu Shuolun is the chief producer, Tian Tian and Chen Wudong are the producers, Fu Linran and Xiang Jing are screenwriters, Zhan Fuhua, Tang Yi and Yang Huijuan are the script doctors, Dai Rui is the director, Zhao Wenhao is the special star, Jiang Yunyi, Yan Xiao, Gao Maner and Wu Bowei lead the starring role, telling the story of a cute girl who encounters the school swimming team grass, discovers the secret of her accidental transformation into a cat, and “lives together” under the wrong chance. A round of sweet pet storm is about to set off!

  ”This Senior is a Little Sweet”, formerly known as “The Rumored Meow Beautiful Boy”, tells the story of the cute girl Jiang Xiaoli who found out the secret of her favorite swimming captain Ouyang Xi even turning into a cat, and “lived together” under the wrong opportunity. The writing and polishing of the script of the play took two years, and then the screenwriter of “Meteor Garden” was hired to organize the script. In terms of the cast, all the leading actors are young and young actors of the new generation. It is his first time to appear in a short play, and he has a very wonderful performance in “Dear My Brother”, which is being broadcast on Mango TV. The heroine Yan Xiao is also the second female lead in “South Wind Knows My Mind” with Cheng Yi and Fu Xinbo. No. Gu Ruanruan, Jiang Yunyi has a movie based on Yan Geling’s novel ready to be released, the second female No. 2 Gao Man Er starred in “Look at Your Little Temper” female No. 1 Su Xiaoxiao, “Moon Zhao Ji” female No. 2 Bai Zhi, they not only The shape fits the prototype of the story, and they are all majors in professional training; in terms of production, director Dai Rui is the director of the big movies “Youth and Frivolous” and “High School Musical”, and the screenwriter Fu Linran is “The Legend of Ming Hong” and “Fox in Hand”. The screenwriter of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” also invited Zhan Fuhua, the screenwriter of “Meteor Garden” and “Summer’s Tail”, and Tang Yilai, the director of “Hot-Blood High School” and “My Hero” to polish the script together. The photography lighting configuration is 4K shooting. The director of photography Chen Jialuo, the lighting engineer Li Xiaofei, the art director Guo Wenfeng, and the music producer Wen Jinhe are all excellent behind-the-scenes teams who have participated in many film and TV series cooperation. . This drama can be said to be the excellent work in the sweet pet drama.

  It is reported that the drama will be broadcast exclusively on Mango TV from October 25, when two episodes will be broadcast at 11:30 every day. I believe that this drama, which combines youth, campus, fantasy, sweet pet and other elements, will become one of the most unique landscapes in the recent hit dramas.


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