You Are My Glory (2021)

You Are My Glory (2021)

“You Are My Glory” is directed by Wang Zhi, starring Pan Yueming , Hu Ke , Wang Yanlin , Yang Yang , Di Lieba , Zheng Hehuizi , Jin Chen , Wu Qian , Zhao Yingzi friendship starring, Ji Xiaobing , Gao Lu , Tu Songyan special starring Urban Romance .
The play is adapted from Gu Man ‘s novel of the same name. It tells the story of the popular actress “Qiao Jingjing” and the unrequited scholar “Yu Tu” in high school.

The story of the journey of warm love .
The play will be broadcast on Tencent Video on July 26, 2021

Drama: You Are My Glory
Native Title: 你是我的荣耀
Also Known As: You’re My Glory , Ni Shi Wo De Rong Yao , 你是我的榮耀
Screenwriter: Gu Man
Director: Wang Zhi
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 32
Aired: Jul 26, 2021 – Aug 16, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 35 min.


Yang Yang,Dilraba Dilmurat,Pan Yue Ming,Hu Ke,Wang Yan Lin,Sun Ya Li


After ten years of absence, Qiao Jingjing’s unexpected star shines, but the male god who rejected her in high school seems to have disappeared from the crowd. Time flies, they haven’t seen each other for ten years.

Or it’s not right to say that, in fact, he can see her everywhere, in various news media, on various screens of various sizes, and even on subway advertisements and bus stop signs, she is everywhere.

Looking at the woman who was smiling at him not far away, Yu Tu couldn’t help but feel in a trance – he probably encountered an adventure.

Qiao Jingjing was also looking at Yu Tu, she thought, there is a saying, very popular, how to say it. Oh, it seems–the return is still a teenager.

She is running around for fame and fortune in the rolling red dust, but this person is as always, with clear eyes


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