Yodonna 2 (2021)

Yodonna 2 (2021)

On Saturday, September 4, 2021, the fastest screening event of the spin-off works “Yodonna” and “Yodonna 2” of “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” was held at Nissho Hall in Tokyo. After the screening, Nashiko Momotsuki (role of Yodonna), Mizuki Nishiba (role of Mizuki Kakihara), Yosuke Kishi (role of Shosuke Kakihara), Hideo Ishiguro (role of Hideki Kuresaki), Rui Kihara (role of Imizu Tametomo) ) The cast will be on stage and show a talk show to the gathered fans. In this article, we will report on that pattern.

Special: Yodonna 2
Native Title: ヨドンナ2
Also Known As: Yodonna Tsuu
Director: Sakamoto Koichi
Genres: Action, Tokusatsu, Fantasy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Sep 12, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.


Momotsuki Nashiko,Saiba Mizuki


Hiroya Matsumoto, who is also known as a “Super Sentai Goodwill Ambassador”, is a squadron OB who regularly appeared in “Mahou Sentai Magiranger” and “Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters” as MC on this day. In the long history of Super Sentai, which has a total of 45 works, it became a hot topic that the spin-off with the enemy’s executive character as the leading role was the first. Momotsuki-san said, “I’m afraid. When I was decided (to play the role of Yodonna), I didn’t think that I would be such a demanded person. I’m very happy to be loved by everyone, “smiles.

Mr. Nishiba, who played the role of Mizuki Kakihara, who became closely involved with Yodonna in this work, said, “I was very surprised when I first heard about me,” when asked for the impression that he was selected as the main cast. I wondered if it would be okay to use it so much. ” Mr. Momotsuki emphasized the popularity of “Mr. Kakihara”, saying, “If Mr. Kakihara appears in the main story (on TV), he will definitely enter the trend of SNS!” In response, Mr. Nishiba smiled with a smile, “Thanks to everyone’s support.”

When I asked Momotsuki-san and Nishiba-san if there were any changes in their impressions or impressions of co-starring, “I knew (Momotsuki-san) from the beginning, so I wanted to meet him someday. “Mr. Nishiba. Momotsuki added, “There was only one story about Yodonna and Kakihara appearing in the same episode, but that time I didn’t get the shooting (schedule),” she added. He went on to say, “I’ve always said that I’m really cute and I want to meet. I was so happy to meet him because I tweeted that I wanted to meet him. He talked to me, so the shooting period was short, but I got to know each other at once. ” On the other hand, Mr. Nishiba said, “I was wondering if he was a little scared. There are some cute people who are scared. When we were together for the shoot, it was darker than I expected and I was relieved. “, Talking that the wavelength matched with himself. Mr. Matsumoto, the MC, asked, “Are you complimenting it?”, And there was an exchange that caused laughter.

Mr. Kishi, who made a guest appearance in this work, was also talked about as a squadron alumnus who appeared in “Space Sentai Kyuranger”. How do you see “Kira Major” as an OB? Mr. Kishi was asked, “I was also allowed to do a spin-off called” Episode of Stinger “, and at that time it was said that it was the first work other than Red to play the leading role, so it is close to Yodonna. I was wondering if there was something there, “he said. “I’m actually talking about this for the first time, but I’m putting out a competition for the theme song (of Kiramager), but I was really disappointed that I fell in the first shot,” he revealed a part of his singer activity. rice field. In response to that, Mr. Matsumoto revealed that he had exchanged with Mr. Kishi at that time, saying, “When you put out the competition, you asked me,’Is it possible to go this?'”. “I will do my best for the next squadron again,” said Mr. Kishi, who gave a big applause from the audience.


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