Yo nimo Kimyou na Monogatari: 2021 Summer Special (2021)

Yo nimo Kimyou na Monogatari: 2021 Summer Special (2021)

Special: Yo nimo Kimyou na Monogatari: 2021 Summer Special
Native Title: 世にも奇妙な物語’21夏の特別編
Also Known As: Tales of the Bizarre: 2021 Summer Special
Director: Joho Hidenori, Ueda Yasushi
Genres: Mystery, Horror
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Jun 26, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: Fuji T


Tamori,Kamishiraishi Moka,Kato Shigeaki,Matayoshi Naoki,Kichise Michiko,Tsurumi Shingo


 Fuji TV’s omnibus drama “Saturday Premium” Tales of the Unusual Story ’21 Summer Special Edition “” will be broadcast from 9 pm on June 26th. “Dejav” starring Moka Kamishiraishi, “Sanzu no Kawa Outlet Park” starring Shigeaki Kato in “NEWS”, “Die in 15 seconds” and “Peace” starring Michiko Kichise It consists of four “Naru” starring Naoki Matayoshi. Tamori acts as a storyteller.

 [Déjà vu] Hikari Minamino, an ordinary female college student dressed as Ms. Kamishiraishi, often experiences the phenomenon “déjà vu” that makes her feel like she has experienced it for the first time. She always had a severe headache after her dejav.

 On the morning of his birthday, Hikari witnessed a masked man sneaking into the room and was involved in the incident … Hikari’s father and brain scientist Masataka is played by Shingo Tsurumi, mother Rinko is played by Arona, and Masataka’s colleague Aki Shindo is played by Hyunri.

 [Sanzu River Outlet Park] The original is Hiroaki Terada’s manga of the same name (Shogakukan). Takashi Kimura, played by Mr. Kato, who has a bad eye and is often in trouble, died due to something, and when he woke up, he was in front of a shopping mall called “Sanzugawa Outlet Park”. Haruka Shimazaki will appear in the role of Mei Ohara, an inpatient whom Takashi meets at the hospital where he works.

 [Die in 15 seconds] The original is “15 seconds” from the novel “Die in 15 seconds” by Mei Sakakibayashi (Tokyo Sogensha). A god of death appears to Megumi Mikami, a pharmacist who died when her back was shot with a gun, played by Mr. Yoshise, and tells her that she has a life span of 15 seconds. Megumi takes her action for the remaining 15 seconds … The god of death is played by voice actor Yuki Kaji.

 [Consists] Draws a game between Kentaro Iwaya, a famous professional shogi player played by Matayoshi, and an AI shogi player. When the AI ​​Go player returns the piece during a game between his wife and Iwaya, who is in divorce talks, the name of the woman whose photo was taken is written in a weekly magazine where Iwaya is with him. Iwaya was upset, but when he played the game, the words that became traumatic in junior high school became his piece … The game commentator is played by Mio Kudo.


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