Yi Lu Chao Yang (2022)

Yi Lu Chao Yang (2022)

Drama: Yi Lu Chao Yang
Native Title: 一路朝阳
Also Known As:
Genres: Business, Romance, Life
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Tian Rong
Li Wanbing
Chen Qing
Gao Chang


Wuxi girl Li Mujia and Shanxi girl Tian Rong are college classmates. After graduation, Li Mujia entered the most famous law firm in Beijing. With her hard work, she went from being an administrative assistant to becoming an independent lawyer. At the peak of her career, she switched tracks to join a start-up company. She eventually succeeded in starting her own business. The dream of living is also the harvest of true love in the process of struggle. After graduation, Tian Rong failed to find a job. After she became a real estate agent by accident, she gradually became addicted to buying a house. She married Li Wanbing, a fellow man, and lost herself in the rounds of rising house prices. Finally, she regained her heart and started her love again. with career. Li Mujia’s cousin, Chen Qing, a returnee girl from Stanford, returned to China with her boyfriend Gao Chang to start a business after graduation. The two were deeply influenced by American culture and sneered at Fang Nu, but after having children, they fell into the quagmire of school district housing, and their confidence as an elite was shattered by the house , marriage has also been tested, and finally regained the balance of life


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