Yeokkeuni 2 (2021)

Yeokkeuni 2 (2021)

Drama: Yeokkeuni 2
Native Title: 여끄니 시즌2
Also Known As: 여끄니 2 , Yeokkeuni Season 2 , Books Read Through Dramas 2
Genres: Life
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 5
Aired: Oct 19, 2021 – Nov 16, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday
Duration: 10 min.


Tong Savitree Samipak


The new web drama ‘Yeokni: A Book to See in a Drama’ (hereafter referred to as Yukni), produced by Vanilla, a production company that produces web dramas in the Gwangju area, has been released to viewers. The newly released web drama ‘Yeokni’ is an independent published essay ‘Living together without marriage’ ‘The glass is empty’ ‘Soso, I live in this taste’ ‘I really like alcohol’ You can hear it’ is a web drama that is based on 5 volumes and has 5 episodes in an omnibus format.
Episode 1, which was first released on September 29, captures the calm and sweet atmosphere of the original book ‘Living Together Without Marriage’ on the screen as it is, “I like the calmness different from other web dramas”, The emotion is so good” and “It makes me want to read the original book”, etc. The second episode, which was released on the 6th, perfectly showed the fruit makgeolli of the original book ‘The glass was empty’ and earned the modifier ‘non-stimulating empathy webd’.
Vanilla said about this work, “I wanted to give viewers unique fun by composing the freshness of the minor material of an independent publication into a web drama.” He said he wants to contribute to the independent publishing market by producing
Vanilla is also preparing for crowdfunding through Wadiz to prepare for the production cost of Season 2 of Yukuni, which will be held next year. Those who participated in the funding can receive the script book and photo book of Yukuni Season 1 as a reward.
The new web drama ‘Youngni’ can be watched every Tuesday at 9 PM on YouTube and Naver TV’s Vanilla C channels.


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