Xiang Jian Huan (2022)

Xiang Jian Huan (2022)

Drama: Xiang Jian Huan
Native Title: 相见欢
Also Known As: Joyful Reunion , 相見歡
Genres: Adventure, Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Martial Arts
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Fei Tian Ye Xiang


Tangjiaofang song name. Li Yu ‘s “Second Main Ci of the Southern Tang Dynasty” is titled “Wu Ye Cry”, but this tune is actually “Happy Meeting”. This tune is based on the Tang tune, and Xue Zhaoyun’s song is titled “Meeting Huan Huan”, which is exactly the same as Li Ci’s rhythm. Or “Wu Ye Ti” (different from “Wu Ye Ti” with double tone, forty-seven characters, flat rhyme, alias ” Saint Wuyou ” ). Later generations changed their names to “Autumn Night Moon”, “Shangxilou” and “Westlouzi” according to Li Yu’s words. Kang Yu’s name was “Yizhen Fei”. Zhang Ji has the sentence “Only the fishing rod goes to Guazhou on the bright moon”, because of the name “Guazhou on the moon”.
Each sentence of this tone uses rhyme, and the sentence pattern of the second paragraph is slightly different from that of the first paragraph. The style of the word is that the sentence style and rhythm of the preceding and following paragraphs are the same, and the beginning of the second paragraph is different. The rhythm of this tune is very varied, the syllables are loud, smooth and beautiful, and the music is very strong. From the name of the word “Meeting Huan”, it can be seen that the sound rhythm system of this word type was not originally used to write sorrow, but this sound rhythm effect is also suitable for writing sorrow. In other words, the rhythm feature of “happy meeting” was originally used for chanting and expressing lightly, expressing happiness as graceful, and adding some sadness to write sadness. Xue Zhaoyun and Feng Yansi both wrote boudoir love, and the meaning was brisk. Li Yu’s two words express the deep and painful feelings, which can best reflect the characteristics of this tone of voice. There are seven poems by Zhu Dunru in the Southern Song Dynasty , most of which express the sadness of the world, such as: “Jinling City goes up to the west building. Relying on the Qingqiu. Thousands of miles of sunset, the river flows. The Central Plains are in chaos. , to Yangzhou.”


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