Xi Jiang Month Club (2021)

Xi Jiang Month Club (2021)

Drama: Xi Jiang Month Club
Native Title: 西江月社团
Also Known As: 西江月社團 , Xijiangyue Society
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 18
Aired: May 26, 2021 – 2021
Duration: 2 min.


Zhang Ji Jun,Tang Xin,Liao Mo Xi


Song Qingqing (Jin Zixuan), a mediocre bank intern full of professional skills, suffers from life troubles because of her natural nemesis physique.

In an accident, Song Qingqing became Ning’s richest daughter Song Qingning who opened her eyes every day and only needed to think about how to spend money.

However, before she could fully enjoy the joy of becoming the eldest lady, she was given a gift by Xinjun (Wang Xuan) for her physique.

She is married to Jiang Jinghuai (Jin Jiayu), the general of Zhenbei, and needs to complete the “Kefu” mission.

In the battles with Jiang Jinghuai over and over again, Song Qingqing finally gained love, friendship and growth, and understood the true meaning of life.


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