X : Endline, New Beginning (2021)

Special: X : Endline, New Beginning
Native Title: X: 끝의 시작
Also Known As: innsa oppa special , the new beginning
Genres: Mystery
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 2
Aired: Dec 19, 2021 – Dec 26, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Duration: 30 min.

Main cast:

Hyung Won,Lee Min Hyuk,Jin Jin,Rocky,Yoon San Ha,Moon Bin


A normal magic that has the effect of excluding 5 DARK monsters from the Graveyard and drawing 3 cards .

As long as the activation conditions are met, you can draw up to 3 cards each. You can tell how powerful this card is from the fact that it draws two pots of desire, and if used well, it literally starts the end of your opponent.

The problem is the trigger conditions. It can only be activated when there are 7 DARK monsters, and 5 of them are discarded. If you draw it at the beginning, you may have to wait for a while from your hand, but since the duel can end before the activation conditions are met, it’s not a card that can be used blindly as a DARK deck.

Even with decks that dump graveyards at high speed, such decks often place importance on graveyard resources, so there is a risk of excluding them by activating this card. If you use Magic General Merchant , you can also search for this card by fulfilling the activation conditions, but since it is just a draw source in the first place, it is not a very useful combo. Due to the nature of it, it is recommended to adopt a deck that fits the concept, considering that at least 2 DARK monsters will remain in the graveyard whenever used.

Excluded is the cost, so unlike the pot of greed, damage from chains such as DD Crow is less. Like Destiny Heroes Diamond GuyIf you succeed in drawing by the effect of , you can draw 3 cards at no cost, but it is not practical. Excluded decks are usually used mainly for macro cosmos and dimensional rifts , so it is difficult to use cards because they do not go to the graveyard, so it is best to use a dark attribute unified deck. First of all, it has good compatibility with dark attribute monsters that trigger exclusion, such as two-dimensional reconnaissance planes and

necrofaces . It can also be used to adjust the number of cards that count the number of monsters in the graveyard, such as Dark Armed Dragon , and even if card consumption is severe, it can be covered to some extent by excavating miracles or burial in a different dimension . If it is the spirit of the end, it can also serve as an attacker and retrieval of dark attribute monsters excluded from the graveyard. It had a difficult activation condition that I couldn’t even think of as a general- purpose draw card, but it was released and the stock price went up. Since it is a dark attribute deck with no turn restrictions and no dumping effect and no utilization of graveyard resources, it can easily meet the activation conditions without risk. This resulted in a restriction on OCG in January 2021.



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