Wu Long Ke Zhan (2021)

Wu Long Ke Zhan (2021)

Drama: Wu Long Ke Zhan
Native Title: 乌龙客栈
Also Known As: Wu Long Inn , Wulong Inn
Genres: Comedy
Country: China
Episodes: 30
Aired: Sep 10, 2021 – ?
Duration: 5 min.



The story of Gao Fei, who sold fake antiques and made a lot of black money, when he finally decided to wash his hands and start a new life, he traveled by accident and lived in another world. Well, God told me to say goodbye to the past completely, I just accept it.

He is not the grandson of the king, and he has no wealth, so I also recognize him.

But why, since my rebirth, I have had bad luck again and again, everything is not going well! ps: A little parental shortness, a little market anecdote, a little yy, and occasionally there are some big scenes.

But my purpose is plain and warm! Announcement on entering v: Two things. First, this article will be entered into v on November 13, which is next Monday, and three chapters will be updated. Second, because of the click problem, there will be a large part of this article. The v chapter will be poured from chapter 32 to chapter 58. If you haven’t read this part, please watch it as soon as possible. After all, if the v drops, it will cost money to watch it again. above


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