Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? (2021)

Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? (2021)

Drama: Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?’
Native Title: 커피 한잔 할까요?
Also Known As: Shall I Have a Cup of Coffee? , How About a Cup of Coffee? , Keopi Hanjan Halkkayo?
Genres: Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Aired: Oct 24, 2021 – Dec 2, 2021
Aired On: Thursday, Sunday
Original Network: Daum Kakao TV, Tencent Video
Duration: 30 min.


Ong Seong Wu,Park Ho San,Seo Young Hee,Choo Ye Jin,Song Jae Ryong,Kim Ye Eun


Gobi Kang: Park Seok’s disciple. It was given the name to live as vast as the Gobi Desert , but for some reason it is called a nickname for advertising . In the beginning, his coffee career was only a part-time job for a while, so he literally showed the side of a novice barista, but as the episode progressed, he gradually developed. In Volume 8, Episode 58, he finally inherits the cafe from his mentor, Park Seok.
Park Seok: The second-largest coffee owner. Barista. The reason why it is called “2nd Coffee” is also strange. Originally, I was going to prepare a “Ewha Coffee” sign to make coffee near Ewha Womans University . They said that they didn’t sign a contract, so they moved to this place and opened a coffee shop with a signboard. She is in love with Kim Seon-saeng, a regular customer of the coffee shop. He didn’t want to get married because he didn’t want to take responsibility. Whenever possible, I use respectful words to guests and strangers, but I use polite language to Kang Gobi and other acquaintances. At this time, he compared this musician to the process of harvesting coffee berries and spit hard. Actually, there were other students besides Gobi Kang, but in the end they were expelled.[1] In the last episode, he suffered a serious knee injury due to overwork and an accident and was hospitalized. Realizing her age, she confesses to Mrs. Kim, and the two decide to go down to Paju to live.[2] He decides to only roast the second coffee and pass it on to Gobi Kang. As a result, the second-generation coffee became a real ‘second-generation’ coffee.
Teacher Kim: Park Seok’s girlfriend. She is divorced from her husband and lives with her daughter. Her ex-husband still seems to come and borrow her money from time to time. She said that the reason she wanted to borrow money from the movie was to open her own restaurant. Of course, she vehemently refused, but this husband left her family and came to him when he was sad about the subject of living with another woman. She didn’t even think of her own daughter as her father, and she was very supportive even when she got divorced, and as soon as she found out about it, she was angry and called her a bad guy. Still, if her daughter got married, she wanted to sell her house and lend her money so that she could visit her father, but when her daughter found out, she struggled. She eventually gave up lending her money. In the last episode, she decides to go down to Paju with Park Seok to live.
Mina: A self-proclaimed third-rate manga artist. She seems to be modeled after Hwang Mi-na. She is also a regular at the coffee shop and she seems to have made a recent debut. Through the lines of this character, the author sometimes throws a self-hak gag. Below is the line when Choi Hurt first appeared. “There is a person I know who draws coffee cartoons even though they can’t even drink coffee. Heo Young -man .[3] “In the beginning, I used the Chungcheong-do dialect, but it is changed to the standard language in the second half.
Choi Hurt: Coffee critic, power blogger , and author certified rival of Gobi Kang. If he writes, he decides the fate of any coffee shop. Unusually, it is always depicted with the neck rotated at a 45 degree angle, but no matter how you look at it…[4] Originally, he was a promising barista with great taste and skills, but it seems that he gave up on it due to the fatal flaw of being weak to caffeine . I can’t sleep at all with just one drink. After I was forced to drink and was taken to the hospital, I only drink one cup of coffee or 12 sips a day before 2pm. Although he is notorious for being openly swearing, he has a reputation for trustworthiness, and he says he is a power blogger and never asks for free money or does anything like a blogger, but rather hates them. While drinking coffee at the second-largest coffee shop or at a coffee shop that he has recognized, if other customers say that the taste is not good, he is often scolded by swear words. He was also savage at people who wanted to open a new coffee shop, and was banned from entering the coffee shop “Fritz” for a month.[5] Here, too, I heard a voice saying, ‘This time, it’s banned for a month’ because he had been banned from accessing the guests on Heo Guheon’s Day before. He complained that one month was too much, but when the owner said that he had extended the deadline to two months, he was upset. Of course, there is a reason for the vulgarity, and because it is generally true, he is not a character who is not without sarcasm. He often lashed out at Gobi, and when he said, “You’ve known coffee since birth? Why are you pretending to be so handsome?” As if Gobi was amazing, “Well, I was also a chick, so I can’t argue with that…” . Every time it’s the 2nd coffee and vice versa, it’s always robbed.
Jeong Ga-won: A student who gave up on going to college to pursue his dream and is working part-time. She is also a regular customer of second-generation coffee and works to make bread. In Volume 2, the shop where you work part-time has changed. She likes the hump. After graduating from high school in Volume 5, she went to Japan to study baking, but before going, she kissed the cheek saying, “I’m 20 now!” Afterwards, she returns to Korea and reunites with Gobi, blaming Gobi for not seeing her happy and kissing her first! This confirmed the couple. In the 23rd episode of the 4th volume, she had a delusion of opening a Gobirang cafe to sell bread and coffee, but in the last episode, Gobi inherited the cafe and said that she would also sell bread baked by Gawon, which actually became a reality.


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