Wild Bloom (2022)

Wild Bloom (2022)

Drama: Wild Bloom
Native Title: 野蛮生长
Also Known As: Ye Man Sheng Zhang
Screenwriter: Zhang Ting
Director: Fu Dong Yu
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: iQiyi

Main cast:

Zhao Li Ying
Ren Zhong
Zhao Li Ying


Xu Banxia’s mother died of dystocia when she gave birth to Xu Banxia, ​​and her father ignored Xu Banxia since she was born, but instead developed Xu Banxia’s character of being proud and brave. With the rapid development of China’s economy, Xu Banxia took his brothers Xiao Chen and Tong Xiaoqi to start a scrap steel and transportation business. In the steel industry dominated by men, Xu Banxia relied on her adventurous spirit and pragmatic attitude. , bravely ventured into Russia, experienced untold hardships and even life and death tests, opened up an independent international steel import business, and harvested the first pot of gold in the business. At this time, the competition in the steel market was fierce. With his excellent vision, courageous personality and sense of market smell, Xu Banxia overcame all difficulties and gradually expanded his business territory. After the experience of life, love and work, Xu Banxia learned how to solve problems decisively, how to break through herself, and gained career and love


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