Who's Your Daddy? (2022)

Who’s Your Daddy? (2022)

Drama: Who’s Your Daddy?
Native Title: 绝交吧爸爸
Also Known As: Jue Jiao Ba Ba Ba , 絕交吧爸爸
Director: Song Yang
Genres: Comedy, School, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Tencent Video

Main cast:

Zhou Qi,Marcus Li


“Break Friends, Dad” tells the story of a fantasy campus light comedy. Chen Bida (played by Yan Yikuan), a middle-aged businessman whose interests are his top priority, exchanges memories with high school student Gao Wenming (played by Zhou Qi) after an accident and becomes a sophomore at Yuying Middle School. The student is even more surprised to find that he has a son Jiang Yu (played by Li Mingde) who he has never met before, and he and Jiang Yu are at the same table by accident. Chen Bida used his business experience to deal with Jiang Yu, but found that the adult rule didn’t work at all among their group of middle school students, causing all kinds of ironic incidents. Chen Bida ran into a wall with his son and couldn’t return to his body. The company was in danger of being acquired at any time. Soon after, the real high civilization also woke up in Chen Bida’s body and made troubles… And the truth behind this accident is very surprising. Surprisingly, Chen Bida must make a choice: family affection or interests?


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