Who's By Your Side (2021)

Who’s By Your Side (2021)

Drama: Who’s By Your Side
Native Title: 誰在你身邊
Also Known As: Shei Zai Ni Shen Bian , Seui Joi Nei San Bin , 谁在你身边
Screenwriter & Director: Peter Ho
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Romance
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Oct 3, 2021 – Dec 5, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Duration: 50 min.


Vivian Hsu
Kaiser Chuang
Janine Chang


The new HBO Asian original dark suspense series “Who’s BY YOUR SIDE” (WHO’S BY YOUR SIDE),
written and directed by He Rundong, starring Zhang Junning, Xu Ruoxuan, Zhuang Kaixun, and Chen Enfeng co-stars

The drama tells that love is easy to get along with, and everyone after marriage, There may be many problems, even low self-esteem, suspicion and distrust, but how to solve these problems?

The sisters Xu Ruoxuan and Zhang Junning convey the meaning of love and being loved, regret and redemption to the audience in the storyline of marriage problems and exploring the good and evil of human nature.

Morrison Ma Shizhao’s new work in 2021
sings the most helpless realization with the most wasteful attitude.

Can the world become better?

When we have abundance, we also have more abandonment
. Apocalyptic emotion under the sugar coating of freedom, what is
Is it people or the world?

If I believe that things will be resolved one day,
until that day…
will you… always be by my side?

Morrison Ma Shizhao, at the age of 16, has obtained the “ABRSM Piano Grade 8” certification of the Royal Academy of Music. His sincere and profound singing is vividly displayed in the songs. The unique emotional lines of vicissitudes and loneliness will make people enter the world he sings in a second.

Not only is her singing prowess amazing, she has also collaborated with Jolin Tsai in “Ugly Beauty” in the “Sweet Secret” arrangement and harmony writing. She also participated in the production of “Slow Walk” in the latest album of her brother J.Sheon, and combined the golden song queen Ai Yi Let’s create a chorus together!


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