Where It Begins (2022)

Where It Begins (2022)

Drama: Where It Begins
Native Title: 影子灰烬
Also Known As: Yǐngzi huījìn
Genres: Crime
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Zhang Yi Chi
Ding Yu Jia


The movie “Shadow Ashes”, like “Underground River of Psychological Crime”, was adapted from a well-known novel, and both were written and produced by well-known screenwriter Li Qiangqinzi. At present, the film is in the preparatory process in an orderly manner… Li Qiang’s works this year can be said to be the total list. Previously, Li Qiang also had a “No Other Love”, and now “Shadow Ashes” and “Psychological Crime” “The Dark River” strikes again, Li Qiang is going to make a masterpiece!
The film “Shadow Ashes” is still under preparation. It has not yet announced who the director is and who the specific cast will be. With the advancement of the preparation process, these important personnel will also be announced one after another… More exciting content can be found in “Shadow” Ashes”, please continue to pay attention to Manman to watch movies and TV series for details!


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