When the Day Breaks (2022)

When the Day Breaks (2022)

Drama: When the Day Breaks
Native Title: 아침이 밝아올 때까지
Also Known As: Till The Dawn , Until the Morning Comes , Achimi Balgaol Ttaekkaji
Director: Lee Jeong Hyo
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: jTBC
Duration: 60 min.

Main cast:

Han Seok Kyu,Jung Yu Mi,Kim Joon Han,Ryu Hye Young


JTBC’s new drama ‘Until the Morning Comes’ is attracting attention amid suspicions that the original novel is a propaganda novel for the Xi Jinping government in China. Regarding the script and synopsis of ‘Until the Morning Comes’, in a situation where the production team strictly emphasizes security, there is a saying, “How was the Korean adaptation done?”

‘Until the Morning Comes’ is a drama about the process of revealing the ugly truth hidden in the middle of a peaceful city, when gunfire rings and a terrorist suspect is caught and interrogated. It is a story of uncovering the hidden truth through a forensic scientist at the National Forensic Service who is a suspect and a profiler trying to figure out the truth.

Previously, actors Han Seok-gyu, Jung Yu-mi, Kim Jun-han, Ryu Hye-young, Lee Hee-jun, and other actors from all over the world appeared and gathered topics. The script as well as the synopsis were extremely reluctant to reveal, and it was known as a work that puts great effort into security, stimulating more curiosity.

However, when it became known that the original novel was a Chinese ‘long night’ (a long night hard to wake up), it became the main character of controversy. ‘Jang Ya Nan Myung’ superficially deals with corruption in public security, but at the time of publication of the novel, congratulations and publicity posts were posted on the official Weibo of the Chinese Communist Party’s Prosecutors’ Office and Pidu Prosecutors’ Office. Due to the fact that the post was posted, it was suspected that it was “not a propaganda material from the Chinese government.”
Moreover, the original author, Zi Jincheon, is one of the top three mystery novelists in China, and the controversy has been aggravated as it is known that he posted a post on Weibo in 2019 that denigrated the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement as “those who are lazy and do not have serious jobs.”

JTBC, which had to announce its position twice as ‘Seol Kang-hwa’ was in trouble due to allegations of disparagement of the democratization movement, was again embroiled in controversy with ‘Until the Morning Comes’. It is known that JTBC will issue a statement after clarifying the facts.

‘Until the Morning Comes’ began filming in the middle of this month. The broadcast is planned for the second half of this year.

It is known that ‘Until the Morning Comes’ is a Korean adaptation of the characters as a forensic scientist, a prosecutor, and a detective. It is produced with the concept of correcting the injustices of the present by looking back on past events through the investigation of the profiler.

As antipathy towards Chinese capital and Chinese originals has grown along with the criticism of the Northeast Project, it remains to be seen what kind of story ‘Until the Morning Comes’ will show. Directed by Lee Jung-hyo of ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ and ‘Crash Landing on You’.


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