Welcome to the Sandbox (2021)

Welcome to the Sandbox (2021)

It is a YouTube channel that uploads web dramas filmed by Studio Cheese, a drama and advertisement production company . In other words, Studio Cheese is the producer of Cheese Film.

He mainly produces works that deal with love and friendship between girls, but in some works, the body of a man and a woman are swapped or the female protagonist has multiple personalities.

I shoot series and short films at similar proportions.

The names of the characters are usually the names of the actors. When filming, they wear a virtual school uniform as a costume, but sometimes, when a student from Seoul Performing Arts High School appears as an actor, they wear the same school uniform they attended for filming.

Drama: Welcome to the Sandbox
Native Title: 샌드박스에 어서오세요
Also Known As: Saendeubakseue Eoseooseyo
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 2
Aired: Sep 19, 2021 – Sep 30, 2021
Duration: 7 min.


Kim Yoon


A series that is connected to a story and is currently serialized includes ‘Multi-personality Girl’. The time gap is large from the rest of the series, and the actors are completely different. Short lines and sympathy are one video with one theme and occupy the largest amount of content.

Between:Between, Ondo:First, Twenty:Moon as the starting point for newly selected actors, it’s good to think of it as a completely different channel. In fact, among the actors who appeared in the previous episodes, including Twenty: Moon, there is not a single actor currently appearing. Also, it can be seen that the story also adds many other elements to the existing simple melodrama. Bae Yoon-kyung and Jo Byeong-gyu, who are currently active as actors, appeared on Between: Between.

Recently, an announcement video was uploaded for the recruitment of actors in the first quarter of 2022.


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