Welcome to Planet Sutherland (2021)

Welcome to Planet Sutherland (2021)

Drama: Welcome to Planet Sutherland
Native Title: 惑星サザーランドへようこそ
Also Known As: Wakusei sazārando e yōkoso
Country: Japan
Episodes: 5
Aired: May 28, 2021 – Jun 25, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Duration: 11 min.


Shiotsuka Moeka,Ogawa Sara,Kawai Yuumi,Coda Mahiru,Oshita Hiroto


The serial drama “Welcome to Planet Sutherland” has been released on the YouTube channel “Misetai Suga”, which specializes in social dramas.

This work is that three aliens who crash landed in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, mistaken for the most beautiful land on the earth, Sutherland, meet Reimi who works part-time in villa management and touch human life. Sara Ogawa, Mahiru Coda, and Yuumi Kawai play the role of the alien “Enuma” who has the mission of exploring the earth, and Moeka Shiotsuka (Hitsujibungaku) ​​plays Reimi, a human being who welcomes them into a communal life. In addition, Hiroto Oshita is scheduled to appear in the role of Ryo, the man who will be the subject of their experiments. The filming was actually done at a rental villa in Tateyama, and the director was Akira Yamamoto of “Speak Low”. Amazon Original drama “Shonan Junai Gumi! Lee Nawon wrote the script. The theme song of the drama is “Casper” by rock band Cody Lee.

“Welcome to Planet Sutherland” will be released every Friday at 20:00. All 5 episodes.


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