We At That Time (2021)

We At That Time (2021)

“We At That Time” was directed by Hu Yijuan and starred Liu Yasser , Sun Yining , Xu Ke , Li Zefeng , Li Mao , and Lin Chensuo as a youth healing emotional drama .
The play tells the reunion of Ye Ke and his high school best friend Ji Zhixia after a long absence. Ye Ke is working hard to become an excellent female motorcycle racer. At the same time, Ji Zhixia is about to start a new life with her fiance, Zhong Yuan

Drama: We At That Time
Native Title: 那时的我们
Also Known As: Zui Hou De Wo Men , Na Shi De Wo Men , 最后的我们 , 最後的我們 , 那時的我們
Director: Hsiu Lan Hu, Hu Yi Juan
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 39
Aired: Dec 1, 2021 – Dec 25, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 45 min.


Amy Sun
Cya Liu
Li Ze Feng
Xu Ke
Zai Zai Lin
Li Mao


Ye Ke reunites with her high school bestie Ji Zhixia after a long absence. She is working hard to become an excellent female motorcycle racer, and Ji Zhixia is about to start a new life with her fiancé Zhong Yuan. Later Ji Zhixia ran away from home because of Zhong Yuan’s domestic violence and entanglement, and was taken in by Ye Ke, Tang Xiao, Xiao Ran, Zhang Qiang and others. These young people live together harmoniously and lovingly in the shared house, and they are also under multiple unknown pressures. Due to female physical fitness and other reasons, Ye Ke once encountered a bottleneck in his racing career, but with the encouragement of everyone and his own extraordinary efforts, he finally overcame the difficulties and won the championship. With the help of Ye Ke and others, Zhi Xia has gradually become independent and self-reliant from weakness in the process of trying to become an excellent stylist. And Zhong Yuan realized his own problem and finally fulfilled his lover in his own way. After experiencing various ups and downs and difficulties in career, family and life, everyone in the shared house finally realized their life dreams and transformation

Diversity plot:

Vol. 1:

Plot pictures
Time is the length of each person’s life, and most people’s life length includes having children. Ji Zhixia is no exception. Her life length has reached the stage of childbearing. The child grows day by day in her stomach, looking forward to coming to this flowery world. Five years ago, female motorcyclist Ye Ke was visiting a store and inadvertently recognized Ji Zhixia, a friend who had lost contact after high school. Ye Ke was overjoyed and ran out of the store, accidentally bumped into Xiao Ran, a makeup artist who was visiting the store, and knocked off his cup. Ye Ke didn’t have time to apologize to Xiao Ran, and chased outside the store to find Ji Zhixia. Ji Zhixia had already left in the car, Ye Ke rode a bicycle and followed behind the car, Ji Zhixia looked behind the car, recognized Ye Ke, got off the car and reminisced about the old times with Ye Ke, this time they met, they stayed with each other method of communication. That night, Ye Ke returned home and revealed to her boyfriend Zhong Yuan that he had met Ye Ke, a good friend whom he had not seen for several years during the day. When Xia Xia and Ye Ke were in high school, they were inseparable, and their relationship was as deep as the sea. Ye Ke’s usual job is to practice motorcycles. Although he won the first women’s championship in the motorcycle championship, Ye Ke still did not enjoy preferential treatment. The coaches treated Ye Ke equally and had very strict requirements on Ye Ke. In addition to being a makeup artist in the crew, Xiao Ran also works part-time as a bartender in a bar. My friend Tang Xiao is a frequent visitor to the bar and led Ye Ke to the bar for recreation. Xiao Ran had a deep impression on Ye Ke, took out the cup that Ye Ke had dropped in the store, Ye Ke looked at the cup without the handle, and then remembered that he had hurriedly chased out of the store because he saw Ji Zhixia. , the scene of hitting Xiao Ran. Ji Zhixia’s mother owed 60,000 yuan in loan sharks, and the boss sent a few gangsters to block Ji Zhixia. Ye Ke happened to pass by and relieved Ji Zhixia, promising to repay the money within a few days. The script of Xiao Ran’s work recruited a motorcycle stuntman. Ye Ke was in a hurry to earn 60,000 yuan. With Xiao Ran’s help, he entered the crew and completed several difficult riding actions according to the director’s requirements. The highest action was as difficult as reaching the sky, but Ye Ke didn’t complete it successfully, and even the man and the car fell to the ground. The director originally did not want to pay tens of thousands of yuan to Ye Ke, but it was not until Xiao Ran resigned that the director asked Xiao Ran to lead Ye Ke to find the finance to get the salary. Ye Ke got 60,000 yuan, helped Ji Zhixia pay back the money, got the IOU returned by the high-yield boss, and entrusted Xiao Ran to return the IOU to Ji Zhixia. Ji Zhixia was very grateful and called Ye Ke to thank Ye Ke. Ye Ke lied that he had bought a lottery ticket and won 70,000 yuan, reminding Ji Zhixia that he had to pay back the lottery prize after winning the lottery. Xiao Ran returned to Ye Ke, unable to understand that Ye Ke was deceiving Ji Zhixia. Ye Ke thought that if he told the truth, Ji Zhixia would naturally not accept her help. Because of helping Ji Zhixia, Ye Ke was in financial constraints, so he had to ask for money from his family. Her parents regarded her as a treasure and quickly transferred a sum of money. Ji Zhixia’s birthday is coming, Zhong Yuan

Vol. 2:

Plot pictures
Zhong Yuan celebrated Ji Zhixia’s birthday, and the whole room was decorated warmly and romantically. Ji Zhixia had a sense of happiness in finding a home, and was moved to tears. Zhong Yuan took the opportunity to take out the diamond ring and proposed marriage seriously. He promises that he will give Ji Zhixia a happy family and manage his relationship with Ji Zhixia well for the rest of his life. Ji Zhixia accepted the ring with a happy face and accepted it. Zhong Yuan proposed to marry him. Zhong Yuan accompanied Ji Zhixia home, and Ji’s mother repeatedly asked Zhong Yuan if he had considered marrying Ji Zhixia. Zhong Yuan and Ji Zhixia have been in love with each other for five years. He believes that he knows Ji Zhixia very well, so he sends a bag of money and expresses etiquette to Ji’s mother. Ji’s mother accepted the money and agreed to the marriage. When Zhong Yuan left, Ji’s mother looked complicated and remembered that she had hurt someone with a bottle of wine. At that time, she happened to be caught by Zhong Yuan entering the house. The marriage between Zhong Yuan and Ji Zhixia was confirmed. Ji Zhixia asked Ye Ke to go to the aquarium to play and announce his marriage by the way. When Ye Ke was training, his legs and feet were inconvenient, and he accidentally fell to the ground. Seeing that Ye Ke was injured, the coach called Ye Ke into the office with a gloomy face. Ye Ke was evasive, didn’t dare to look directly at the coach, and lied that he was accidentally injured. Seeing that Ye Ke was not telling the truth, the coach showed Ye Ke a video in his notebook. The video was exactly the scene of Ye Ke going to the crew to be a motorcycle stuntman. There are regulations in the team that motorcycle team members cannot take extra money without permission. The coach didn’t ask Ye Ke why he took up the private work, but he reprimanded Ye Ke with a slap in the face, and announced that Ye Ke was kicked out. Ye Ke’s father was also a racing driver during his lifetime. Under the influence of his father, Ye Ke also fell in love with racing cars. She only felt close to her father when she was racing. Now that the main business of racing has been lost, Ye Ke went to the training ground in despair, looking forward to returning to the team. The team members actually sympathized with Ye Ke, but no one dared to help Ye Ke to plead for mercy. Zhong Yuan and Ji Zhixia were lying in bed at night, and unconsciously had a dream that his mother was beaten by his father again. Zhong Yuan supported his mother and said that he would stand up for his mother. Unexpectedly, Ji Zhixia’s face suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. Zhong Yuan was startled, opened his eyes and saw the darkness around him. It turned out that what he had done before was a dream. Ji Zhixia and Zhong Yuan set a wedding date and sent a happy post to Ye Ke, hoping that Ye Ke would attend at that time. Because Ye Ke was kicked out of the motorcycle team, he was not in the mood to attend Ji Zhixia’s wedding. Ji Zhixia did not doubt that he had him, and did not force Ye Ke to attend the wedding. Ye Ke went to the bar in a irritable mood and planned to borrow wine to relieve his worries. Xiao Ran saw that Ye Ke had something on his mind and asked with concern. Ye Ke, however, regretted that the words were like gold, and he refused to explain the reason for his troubles. In desperation, Xiao Ran prepared wine for Ye Ke to drink. Ye Ke had a glass of wine and wanted to have another drink. Although wine can relieve anxiety, in fact, it is more worrying to use wine to relieve anxiety. Xiao Ran knew that he couldn’t give Ye Ke any more crazy drinks, and declared that he was mixing the last glass of wine, and he could no longer mix wine for Ye Ke after mixing.

Vol. 3:

Plot pictures
Ye Ke drank a lot of wine. After Xiao Ran got off work, he sent Ye Ke to Tang Xiao’s house to stay temporarily. Before leaving, he proposed to take leave the next day and come to accompany Tang Xiao to take care of Ye Ke. Emma, ​​a well-known international female motorcyclist, is coming to China, just in time to cooperate with Zhong Yuan’s company. Zhong Yuan recommends Ji Zhixia to the senior, hoping that Ji Zhixia will be Emma’s stylist. Although the senior knew that no one could be nepotism, he still complied with Zhong Yuan’s request. Ji Zhixia went to the motorcycle training base to look for Ye Ke. If he didn’t look for him, he didn’t know. After looking for him, he found out that Ye Ke had been fired. Ji Zhixia found Tang Xiao’s address, and Tang Xiao looked at Ji Zhixia vigilantly. Ji Zhixia revealed that she was Ye Ke’s good sister, a high school classmate. Only then did Tang Xiao come back to his senses and hurriedly lead Ji Zhixia into the room. Ye Ke once carefully prepared a birthday present for Ji Zhixia, and Tang Xiao knew all these things. Ye Ke was still lying on the bed and sleeping, Xiao Ran also came to the door, and a few people gathered around the hot pot to eat. Ye Ke introduced Ji Zhixia to Xiao Ran, reminding the two that they could communicate. After all, Ji Zhixia was Xiao Ran’s colleague, and both of them were makeup artists. Ji Zhixia said modestly that she had just entered the industry and did not pose in front of Xiao Ran. Tang Xiao was outspoken and mentioned the fact that Ye Ke was injured and was fired from the team. Ji Zhixia came back to his senses and guessed that Ye Ke was injured to make money to help pay off loan sharks. Ye Ke was reluctant to mention the past, Xiao Ran simply confirmed that Ji Zhixia’s guess was right. Ji Zhixia was so moved that she threw herself into Ye Ke’s arms, burst into tears, and thanked Ye Ke for helping pay off the loan shark. Ji Zhixia went to the team to find a coach, interceded for Ye Ke, and explained why Ye Ke took up private work. Although Ye Kejie’s private life is excusable, the coach is still unselfish. If he forgives Ye Ke, it will break the rules that the team has adhered to for many years. Emma came to the team to show off her driving skills, which attracted the team members to stop and watch. After Emma finished showing off, she went to the office to find a coach and received a warm reception from the coach. Ji Zhixia checked Emma’s information online and found that Emma was also a motorcycle rider. And he was also a driver that Ye Ke admired in his youth. The next day, Emma went to the company where Zhong Yuan worked to shoot an advertisement. Ji Zhixia rushed to the scene, introduced herself to Emma, ​​and showed Emma the clothes she designed. After looking at the clothes for a while, Emma suggested designing the hair first. Ji Zhixia designed the hairstyle for Emma, ​​and Emma put on the motorcycle suit and successfully completed the commercial shooting. Ye Ke was looking for a job driving a motorcycle everywhere, but he hit a wall everywhere, and no one wanted to hire a driver. Ye Ke was depressed and went to the cemetery to see the graves where his parents were buried together, making sure that he would not disappoint his parents and that he would stand out. As soon as Ye Ke left, Emma also came to the cemetery and found the graves of Ye Ke’s parents. It turned out that Emma and Ye’s father had known each other for a long time, and Ye Ke’s father’s name was Ye Feng. Emma intimately called Ye Feng Ah Feng. Back then, she was good friends with the coach and Ye Feng. The three were famous in the motorcycle industry. I came to Emma to go abroad, and now I come back to China, and things are different. Ye Feng is no longer in this world. Emma sat in front of the grave, muttering to herself as if reminiscing with an old friend.

Vol. 4:

Plot pictures
Ye Ke pushed the damaged motorcycle to find the repairman who was Ye Ke’s master and Emma’s master at the same time. Ye Ke did not hide the uncle of the car repair, and admitted that he was expelled from the Sirius team because of his private work. The uncle who repaired the car was originally polite and friendly, but in a blink of an eye, his face became serious and he decided not to do Ye Ke’s business. Ye Ke was confused and couldn’t understand that when the car repairman said he turned his face, he turned his face. The car repair master thinks that Ye Ke has corrupted the backbone of the racer, and no racer can accept his peers who take over private jobs. Ji Zhixia came to Ye Ke, just in time to see the uncle who repaired the car criticizing Ye Ke. She hurriedly stepped forward to fight for Ye Ke, and explained the reason why Ye Ke was fired. The uncle who repaired the car changed his attitude when he learned that Ye Ke valued love and righteousness, and agreed to repair Ye Ke’s motorcycle. Emma brought food for the master to eat. Gao Liang hadn’t seen the master for many years. Emma came to look for him and persuaded him to see the master. Gao Liang remembered the scene when Ye Ke’s father died in an accident in his racing car, and his heart was extremely heavy. Ye Ke met with his adoptive father. Although the adoptive father had a biological son, he regarded Ye Ke as his own. The adoptive father thinks that the racing industry is too dangerous and that girls are not suitable for racing. Tang Xiao took Zhang Qiang home. She wanted to eat, but she couldn’t cook. Zhang Qiang volunteered to go to the kitchen to cook and cook noodles. Tang Xiao leaned over to the bowl to smell the noodles and thought it tasted good. Ye Ke suddenly came to the door, thinking that he had disturbed Tang Xiao and Zhang Qiang’s love, and quickly turned around to leave. Tang Xiao stopped Ye Ke, explained that he and Zhang Qiang were colleagues, and pulled Ye Ke to take a seat. Ye Ke was finally admitted to a team. Coach Hong called the team together, called Ye Ke back to the team, and suggested that the team train with Ye Ke. Unexpectedly, the team members looked down on women, and no one wanted to train with Ye Ke, so Ye Ke had to decide to train on his own. The investor came to the team and saw Ye Ke was a woman, so he decided to make Ye Ke the team’s racing baby. Ye Ke was not interested in being a vase, so he rejected the investor’s proposal on the spot and announced that he would quit. The job he finally found was gone, Ye Ke was in a fidgety mood to meet Xiao Ran and mentioned his unfortunate experience. When Ye Ke’s birthday came, Xiao Ran and his party came. Ji Zhixia knew that Ye Ke worshipped Emma, ​​so Yita led Emma to celebrate Ye Ke’s birthday. Sure enough, Ye Xian smiled and blossomed after seeing Emma. Emma and Ye Ke went to talk outside the house, and Ye Ke revealed that his father was Ye Feng, a racing driver. Emma realized that her friend Ye Feng’s daughter was in front of her, and immediately cheered Ye Ke with a surprise, believing that Ye Ke would definitely become an excellent racing driver. Emma secretly celebrated Ye Ke’s birthday and took a photo with the store manager. Zhong Yuan’s company happened to be a deadly rival to Ye Keqingsheng’s shopping mall. The superior scolded Zhong Yuan and drenched his head with blood, suspecting that Ji Zhixia was a commercial spy. Zhong Yuan returned home and asked angrily Ji Zhixia brought Emma to celebrate her birthday. Because of Ji Zhixia’s behavior, it has brought a great negative impact on Zhong Yuan’s company. The more Zhong Yuan spoke, the more excited he became, inciting Ji Zhixia to slap in the face. Ji Zhixia sat paralyzed on the ground, full of grief and anger, and his eyes showed shock. A lover who was once affectionate turned into a domestic madman. Zhong Yuan came back to his senses and wanted to pull Ji Zhixia up, but Ji Zhixia shook his hand to break free, got up and left, leaving Zhong Yuan on his knees on the ground to suffer mental torture.

Vol. 5:

Plot pictures
Ji Zhixia came out of the house and braved the rain to return to her parents’ house, but when she came outside, she felt that she should not trouble her mother. It rained lightly in the sky, as if sighing for Ji Zhixia. Ji Zhixia dialed Ye Ke’s phone in the rain, but heard a prompt tone that could not be connected. Ye Ke received the WeChat message from Ji Zhixia, and quickly found Ji Zhixia with an umbrella, and led Ji Zhixia back to his residence. Zhang Qiang stayed at Tang Xiao’s house as usual, Ji Zhixia was pitiful and offered to stay with Ye Ke for one night. After getting Ye Ke’s permission, Ji Zhixia went to take a hot bath. While taking a bath, he couldn’t help thinking of being beaten by Zhong Yuan. Involuntarily shivered. The next day, several people had breakfast together, and Ye Ke asked Ji Zhixia why he ran away from home, but Ji Zhixia was evasive and refused to tell the truth. Ji Zhixia went to work in the company as usual, and met her mother after get off work. Mother earnestly persuaded her to cherish her relationship with Zhong Yuan. In the evening, Zhong Yuan drove to find Ji Zhixia who was with Ye Ke, got out of the car and persuaded Ji Zhixia to go home. Ji Zhixia was like a child who was afraid of being beaten, and looked at Zhong Yuan with fear in his eyes. After taking a few steps forward, he turned around suddenly, returned to Ye Ke, and left as if Ye Ke escaped. Zhong Yuan watched Ji Zhixia walk away, and inadvertently saw a woman pushing a cart selling snacks, which once again triggered the dark memories of childhood, remembering the scene when her mother was overwhelmed by domestic violence and dragged her suitcase away. Ye Ke talked to Zhong Yuan, and she guessed that Zhong Yuan had hurt Ji Zhixia, so she had to verify it. Zhong Yuan picked up the phone and showed Ye Ke a photo. In the photo, Emma took a group photo with a manager. At that time, Emma, ​​accompanied by Ji Zhixia, attended Ye Ke’s birthday and leaked her schedule in advance, causing Zhong Yuan’s The company’s planned publicity program has failed. Ye Ke figured out that he had caused Ji Zhixia to quarrel with Zhong Yuan, and rushed to complain to Xiao Ran, feeling that he was a sinner. Zhang Qiang often lived in Tang Xiao’s house, which caused dissatisfaction with his wife who had already cheated, and his wife took the initiative to divorce. Zhang Qiang returned to Tang Xiao’s house and worried about the divorce. Tang Xiao gave Zhang Qiang an idea, reminding Zhang Qiang that he must be clear that he dumped his wife, not that he was dumped by his wife. Ji Zhixia returned to Zhong Yuan’s side, Zhong Yuan happily brought Ji Zhixia back home, Ji Zhixia cooked as usual after returning home, and gave Zhong Yuan the happiness of the family. Emma showed her love to Gao Liang and took the initiative to kiss Gao Liang, but Gao Liang could not get out of Ye Ke’s father’s death The shadow of , thinks he is not worthy of being in love with Emma. Emma reminded Gao Liang that if she does not accept her, she will continue to go abroad and
will rarely come back in the future. Before leaving, Emma revealed to Gao Liang that Ye was Ye Feng’s daughter. Ye Ke joins Ah Liang’s private team and often practices on the mountain. Gao Liang went up the mountain to find Ye Ke and talked to Ye Ke. He reminded Ye Ke that he must participate in the motorcycle race. If he can’t make the top three, don’t ask him to fill in the team application. Conversely, Ye Ke can only apply for the team if he enters the top three. In fact, Gao Liang is giving Ye Ke a chance to return to the team. Because Ye Ke has the opportunity to return to the team, his eyes are shining and his spirit is high.


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