Wayra Akart (2021)

Wayra Akart (2021)

Drama: Wayra Akart
Native Title: เวราอาฆาต
Also Known As:
Genres: Action, Mystery, Romance, Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 28
Aired: Jun 16, 2021 – Aug 3, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: Channel 8
Duration: 60 min.


Kelly Rattapong Tanapat,Ohm Atshar Nampan,Mew Piatha Laknara,Kat Katreeya English,Bo Vanda Sahawong,Sun Pichayadon Peungphan


Ruang has come to work with Kamnan Krieng , a kamnan who misuses his duties for his own benefit. He issued loans to the villagers. and then defrauded the villagers who could not read By seizing the fields or even the debtor’s cattle as their own. In addition, Kamnan Krieng also has another occupation, which is to open a slaughterhouse to slaughter cattle for sale.

vera feud
Later, when Rueang got a bad deal with Pluem , a young employee of the Kamnan They both thought of splitting up and creating their own selves. Asking for some of the Kamnan’s assets as compensation for his lifelong service to the Kamnan but the governor did not allow He also scolded that he was ungrateful to Khun. Ruang was very angry, so he planned to rob and killed the village headman. Eang and Em , the wife and daughter of Kamnan Kriang came to see. They both had to kill the mother and daughter to keep their mouths shut. But Em was fortunate that he didn’t die that time.

vera feud
Ruang and Pluem took the money and treasures of the village headman and fled to live in Pathum , Pluem’s sister. Ruang made a living through cheating that he learned from Kamnan Kriang. until being wealthy to the millionaires of that sub-district Later, Ruang went to find a way to seize the way of Mr. Dan and Nang Chin, two husband and wife who borrowed money for farming. But the husband and wife insisted that they refused to sign the farm because they had paid the rent in paddy every year. therefore a fight broke out

vera feud
Ruang ordered his subordinates to arrange the killing of Dan and Mia, Din and Chuen , two brothers and their children came to see. Nang Chin shouted to order the children to run away, but Chuen ran to hug her mother. Ruang, which was clenching her teeth. Chuen was then killed by a long lost child in his mother’s arms. The soil ran away from home. He escaped through the forest until he entered the temple. Luang Pho in the temple saved the soil. Soil narrowly survived being hunted. Since then, Luang Por Prok has fostered soil. Along with giving it a new name, the city grew up in the midst of resentment. He was eagerly awaiting the day to regain his fortune.

Ruang and Pluem have 3 children together, namely Rot , the eldest son, Rit , the middle son, and Samorn , the youngest daughter. In addition, he has also asked Pathum’s daughter Mukda to raise him to become the son of his wife. But Mukda is a witty child. good survival smart fearless So Samorn couldn’t do much in Mukda. None of Rueang’s 3 children were good people. Everyone hopes for the benefit of their parents.


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