Voice (2017)

Voice (보이스 / Boiseu) is a Korean drama with Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha Na. Premiere 14-Jan-2017 by OCN.

Drama: Voice
Native Title: 보이스
Also Known As: The Voice , 더 보이스 , Boiseu
Director: Kim Hong Seon
Screenwriter: Ma Jin Won
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jan 14, 2017 – Mar 12, 2017
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: OCN
Duration: 60 min.

Main Cast & Crew:

Jang Hyuk (장혁 1976) como Moo Jin Hyuk
Lee Ha Na (Lee Ha Na 1982) como Kang Kwon Joo
112 Report Center Golden Time Team
Baek Sung Hyun (1989) como Shim Dae Shik
Yesung (1984) como Oh Hyun Ho
Son Eun Seo (Son Eun Seo 1985) como Park Eun Soo
Kwon Hyung Joon (1970) como Chun Sang Pil


Lee Hae Young (1970) como Jang Kyung Hak
Jo Young Jin (1962) como Bae Byung Gon
People per case
The Murder of Detective Eun Hyeong Dong’s Wife (Episode 1)
Oh Yeon Ah (오연아 1981) as Heo Ji Hye: Jin Hyuk’s wife
Son Jong Hak (손종학 1967) as Kang Gook Hwan: Special Appearance -Kwon Joo’s father, policeman
Hwang Sang Kyung (황상경 1982) as Go Dong Chul: Seongwoon area nightclub manager, suspect in this case.

The kidnapping of Eun Hyeong Dong (Episode 1-2)

Kim Tae Han (김준배 1969) as Cho Kang Chun: The real culprit in Jung Dong’s murder case.
Jeon Soo Jin (전수진 1988) as Park Bok Nim: Kidnapping victim

Burim-dong Child Abuse and Murder Case (Episode 2-3)

Bae Jung Hwa como Oh Soo Jin
Choi Seung Hoon as Son Ah Ram
Kwon Byung Gil como Baek Sung Hak
Kim Ji An como La hija de Oh Soo Jin

Hong chang-dong kidnapping case Rodeo Street Park Eun Byul, kidnapping of Kang Kwon Joo, director of the center (Episode 4-6)

Lee Joo Seung as Hwang Kyung Il
Han Bo Bae as Park Eun Sung
Kim Ji Hoon as U Bong Kil
Kim Roe Ha as Hwang Kyung Il’s killer
Surim-dong Cheonsu alliance weapons riot case, Moo Jin Hyuk attack (Episode 6-8)
Lee Yong Nyeo as Park Book Soon
Yoon Kyung Ho Como Yoon Pil Bae
Park Eun Young as Bang Mal Byeon: The woman who calls the police
Shin Seung Hwan as Shim Young Woon: Chun Ok’s brother
Gwangchang-dong Club Fever Hostage Case (Episode 9-10)
Kim Ho Young as Yang Ho Shik: Electrician and genius hacker
Bangha-dong Welfare Center Restoration Support Investment Case (Episode 11-12)
Hong Sung Duk como Baek Jin Goo: Mental Paciente
Yeo Moo Young (여무영) as Byun Sang An / Kang Hyun Pal: Director of the wellness center
Jo Wan Ki as Kim Gyu Hwan: Therapist at the wellness center
Lee Na Yoon as Sae Bom: Little girl

Woogyeong-ri Bus Accident Case (Episode 14-15)

Park Noh Sik as Park Jong Woo: Sungwun Express Bus Driver
Oh Cho Hee as Na Jung Eun: Pregnant passenger
Min Jung Sup as Jung Chul Ho: Na Jung Eun’s Husband
Kim Hyun como Lim Mi Ho
Kim Jun Hyuk as Lim Mi Ho’s son

Case? (Ep 16)

Kim Kwon as Psychopathic Doctor

other actors

Kim Yong Woon como Ji Choon Bae: Mano derecha de Nam Sang Tae
Lee Joo Shil
Kim Joong Ki
Kim Kwang Hyun
Kim Myung Kook
Hong Hee Won
Kim Ik Tae
This is Ho Chul as Go Dong Chul
Jo Jae Yoon Como Chae Seo Do
Lee Joon Hyuk as Brothel business manager
Park Hyo Joon as Police
Kim Jae Wook como Mo Tae Gyu
Yoon Ji Min and Jang Gyu Ah (ep.6)
Lee Kwan Hoon
Lee Kyu Bok as Nam Sang Tae’s subordinate
Jang Won Young as Kwon Chang Tae: Director of the Land Planning Department
Sung Chang Hoon
Kang Ro Chae as Soo Ji


Kim Jae-wook as Mo Tae-goo (Children: Song Seong-han) – President of Sungwoon Express. psychopath serial killer
Lee Si-woo as Mu Dong-woo – Jin-hyeok’s son
Lee Ju-sil: Detectives’ favorite restaurant Grandma’s house owner
Kim Joong-ki as Park Joong-ki – Detective Team 1
Song Bu-gun: Gu Gwang-soo – Detective Team 1
Baek Cheon-gi as Kim Pyung-jung – Detective Team 1
Kim Kwang-hyun
Kim Myeong-guk as Cha Myeong-cheol
Choi Ki-seop as Chirashi – Jin-hyeok’s informant
Lee Do-kyung as Mo Mo-bum – Chairman of Sungwoon Express and father of Mo Tae-goo
Kim Roe-ha as Nam Sang-tae (Child: Kim Jong-yoon)
Kim Yong-woon as Ji Chun-bae – Nam Sang-tae’s Suha
Yoon Ji-min as Jang Gyu-ah – Madame Fantasia Club
Jang Won-young as Kwon Chang-tae – Director of Land Planning Department
Kang Moon-kyung as Kim Jun-tae – Minister of Land Planning
Hong Hee-won
Sung Chang-Hoon
public money
Jo Ki-tae: Golden Time Team Daewon
Haeun: Golden Time Team Daewon
Kukki-Hoon: Golden Time Team Daewon
Seo Ji-won: Golden Time Team Daewon
Lee Ji-hye as Golden Time Team Daewon
Lee Ina: Golden Time Team member
Hyun Jung-cheol: Golden Time Team Daewon
Lee Jung-won: Golden Time Team Daewon
Na-won Lee: Golden Time Team Daewon
Kim Ik-tae: Autopsy
Ji-Sung Kim: Team Leader of Strong Team 2
Yoo Seong-cheol
Yeo Hoon
Lee Kwang-hyun
Joo-Young Han
Seo Ho-cheol
Kwon Soon-jun
Park Seo-bin
Jun-hang Shin
Junseo Lee
Um Bo-young
Han Seong-yong
Jang Ga-hyeon
Lee Kyu-seop as Nam Sang-tae’s pawn
Kang Min-tae as Nam Sang-tae’s pawn
Ki Se-hyung as Nam Sang-tae’s pawn
Lee Gyu-bok as Nam Sang-tae’s pawn
Choi Min-geum
Lee Kwan-hoon: Picking a neck
Jeong Lee-nam
Kim Kyung-rok
Kim Sang-il
Yoo Byung-sun
Hong Seung-jin: Killer – Southeast Asian swordsman
Jaewon Lee
Hyebin Seo
Kim In-hee
Han Grim
Myung-Jun Jeong
Lee Sang-hong
Jang Tae-min
Lee Tae-gyeom
Seongcheol Kang
Lee Tae-gun
Choi Nam-wook
Byung-soo Shin
Park Sang-yeon
Namjin Kim

Kim Jong-ho as motel owner

Oh-Jin Kwon
Song Young-gyu as Park Eun-cheol – Prosecutor at the Special Headquarters of Prosecutors’ Office
Park Jong-sang as Oh Hyun-ho’s father
Kim Jae-cheol: Bus company manager
Kim Hong-soo
Lee Ah-jin as Mo Tae-goo’s mother – Mo Mo-bum’s wife
Kim Kwon as a psychiatric hospital doctor in charge of Mo Tae-goo
Jung Hyun-seok as Shim Dae-sik’s doctor
Yoo Sang-jae as hospital security team leader
true mother

guest appearance

Jo Jae Yoon (1974) como Asesino
Lee Joon Hyuk (이준혁 1972) as Sex trade manager
Park Hyo Jun (Park Hyo Jun 1980) como Policía
Kim Yoon Ah (1974) como Club DJ
Kim Sam (Kim Hyung-gyu 1976) como Presidente del club


A drama focused on the police of an 112 emergency call center.

Two detectives team up to catch a serial killer who murdered their family. Moo Jin Hyuk’s (Jang Hyuk) life spiraled out of control after his wife’s murder. He begins to pull himself together after meeting Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na), an American graduate voice profiler who lost her policeman father to the same serial killer years before. They work together in the 112 (South Korean emergency phone number) call center team.

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