Vivienne In Spring (2022)

Vivienne In Spring (2022)

Drama: Vivienne In Spring
Native Title: 春天的薇薇安
Also Known As: Chun Tian De Wei Wei An
Director: Wu Qiang
Genres: Romance, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Wu Qiang


Although Zhou Tianyang (Vivian), a costume designer, is content in the workplace, he has suffered many ups and downs in the love field. He has been in love with his boyfriend for ten years and not only failed to get married, but divorced instead. Right now, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, when she is preparing to return to her hometown for the New Year, she sometimes obtains Kaka, an intelligent robot for quiz, and is seen by the mother who urged her to marry on the other end of the video. Her way of going home for the New Year. Unexpectedly, he met Jian Xiaodong, the prototype and producer of Kaka, and he had a crush on Zhou Tianyang since he was a student, and gradually began to seek Zhou Tianyang. The robot Kaka, who was set to be an “aspirational boyfriend” but repeatedly oozes because of “insufficient data”, is affectionate but expresses his feelings in a clumsy manner. Jian Xiaodong, a science and engineering man, wants to save his ex-boyfriend He Menghuai, and Zhou Tianyang welcomes him. The spring of my own, but at the same time trapped in various setbacks in career, family, relationship and so on. Finally, before this sweet and troublesome spring past, she has to sort out her true feelings…


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