Village First Secretary (2021)

Village First Secretary (2021)

“Flowers in Mountain Village” is a modern rural drama directed by Gao Xixi and starring Wang Lei , Li Xiaomeng , Cao Yunjin , Jiang Tong and Hu Xiaoting .

The play is adapted from Hu Peiyuan’s novel “The First Secretary of the Village”. It tells the story of Bai Lang, a young cadre sent from the central government to the grassroots, who leads the villagers in Miyueshan Village, a remote mountain village in Xichuan County, to overcome all kinds of difficulties and defend the clear waters and green mountains. , the story of building a beautiful home [6] .

The play will be broadcast on CCTV on August 29, 2021, and will be broadcast simultaneously on iQiyi, Youku Video, Mango TV and other platforms

Drama: Village First Secretary
Native Title: 花开山乡
Also Known As: The First Secretary of the Village , Hua Kai Shan Xiang , Xiang Cun Di Yi Shu Ji , 乡村第一书记 , 花開山鄉 , 鄉村第一書記
Director: Gao Xi Xi
Country: China
Episodes: 34
Aired: Aug 29, 2021 – Sep 25, 2021
Original Network: CCTV
Duration: 42 min.


Wang Lei,Li Xiao Meng,Wang Rui Zi,Cao Yun Jin,Yan Rui


The young cadre Bai Lang was dispatched from the central government to serve as the first secretary of Miyueshan Village, a remote mountain village in Xichuan County.

In the critical period of poverty alleviation, in the face of the huge conflict between the ecological protection restrictions of important water sources in the country and the development of aquaculture and mines, we should pay close attention to party building, combine the construction of ecological civilization with the reality of rural revitalization, and build permeable bricks for resource regeneration.

A series of new industries, such as factories and rose industries, finally broke through many obstacles, used wisdom and courage to forge a path of technological innovation that takes into account the interests of many parties, and composed a song of revitalization of rural development in the new era


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