Ura Jieshonhausu (2021)

Ura Jieshonhausu (2021)

Special: Ura Jieshonhausu
Native Title: 裏ジエーションハウス
Also Known As:
Genres: Documentary
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Oct 4, 2021 – ?
Aired On: Monday
Original Network: Fuji TV


Lei Xiao Mi
Ye Qiu Er


In 2050, many superhumans with superpowers appeared on the earth because of a mysterious meteorite that crossed two years ago.

The male protagonist Zhuang Yu (played by Chen Kaiying) is a pork man who sells meat in the market.

Because he was detected to have a supernatural reaction, he was paid by the supernatural power management bureau. At the invitation of the heroine Shen Meng (played by Ye Qiuer), he became an alien. Member of the Authority.

The Power Bureau is composed of a group of righteous power users to maintain the balance of the power world and fight against the evil organization Infinite Alliance. In order to control the power world, the Infinite tried to seize the “inhibitor” in the power game that could eliminate the side effects of power. Zhuang Yu cooperated with the people in the power bureau and launched a fantastic fight with the infinite


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