Under the Skin (2022)

Under the Skin (2022)

Shen Yi, a simulated portrait artist who had a grudge against an old case, and Du Cheng, the captain of the criminal police, who were forced to partner by chance .
The show premiered on iQiyi and Tencent Video on March 6, 2022

Drama: Under the Skin
Native Title: 猎罪图鉴
Also Known As: Lie Zui Tu Jian
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Airs: Mar 6, 2022 – ?
Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video


Tan Jian Ci,Jin Shi Jia,Baby Zhang,Zhu Jia Qi,Lu Yan Qi


Shen Yi (played by Tan Jianci) first joined the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Beijiang Branch as a mock portraitist, and was arranged by the leader to partner with the captain of the criminal police, Du Cheng (played by Jin Shijia), to handle the case.

Du Cheng’s initial provocations established the history of the relationship between the two. With the development of the subsequent plot, the close cooperation between the two pushed the confrontation between the characters to a climax.

The compact plot, flashing portraits, and confusing clues to the case seem to be telling the truth and unknown stories one by one .


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