Uncle Cool (2021)

Uncle Cool (2021)

Drama: Uncle Cool
Native Title: 这个大叔有点酷
Also Known As: Zhe Ge Da Shu You Dian Ku , Je Go Daai Suk Yau Dim Huk , 這個大叔有點酷
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jun 27, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 10 min.




Nut’s everyday would have been simpler if he hadn’t met the “establishment” of the photography club. A professional guitarist who sings until the audience is embarrassed. But the descent sucks into romance. “State” gets everything in life so easily that the relationship between himself and “Nat” is more difficult than expected. Finally, they learned that “Just loving is not enough” and would like to give his best again to this relationship.
“Only outside the body…but not cheating” , the words that stuck in “Nut” ‘s mind the whole time. His heart was closed after cutting ties with his ex-girlfriend. Life turns upside down on the day when dreams are broken. “Nat” has to quit the university because the father said he won’t lose. “Nat” has to do every way to get every job to go back to school again as a “Children”


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