Uncle (2021)

Uncle (2021)

Drama: Uncle
Native Title: 엉클
Also Known As: Eongkeul
Screenwriter: Park Ji Sook
Director: Ji Young Soo
Genres: Music, Comedy, Drama, Family
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Dec 11, 2021 – Jan 30, 2022
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: TV Chosun, Viki
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Main cast:

Oh Jung Se,Jeon Hye Jin,Lee Kyung Hoon,Park Sun Young,Lee Sang Woo,Lee Shi Won


Episode 10 will be rebroadcast on TV Chosun at 15:20 on Saturday, the 15th. Episode 11 will be rebroadcast on TV Chosun at 15:20 on the 16th (Sunday). On the same day, from 10:00 to 13:00, episodes 9 to 10 are continuously rebroadcast on TV CHOSUN2. Episode 12 will be rebroadcast on TV Chosun at 20:00 on Monday, the 17th.

The 16-episode drama is a remake of the BBC drama of the same name. Cast: Oh Jeong-se (Wang Jun-hyeok), Jeon Hye-jin (Wang Jun-hee), Lee Kyung-hoon (Min Ji-hoo), Park Seon-young (Park Hye-ryung), Lee Sang-woo (Joo Gyeong-il), Lee Si-won, Choi Gyu-ri, Ko Kyung-min, Yoon Hae-bin, Hwang Woo-seul-hye, Kim Ha-yeon, Jung Soo-young , Park Si-wan, Song Ah-kyung, Lee Na-eun, etc.

See the official video of the drama, episode information, timeline, characters, organization information, related album (OST) as well as character relationships, Lee Sang-woo identity, Joo Kyung-il, replay, writer, song, several episodes, rebroadcast, original, Viewers are very interested in the bag, the plot and the ending, the filming location and set, and the same drama as the main drama.

In the last 10 episodes, Wang Jun-hyeok (Oh Jeong-se) and Wang Jun-hee (Jeon Hye-jin) fell into the trap of Shinhwa-ja (Song Ok-sook) and Park Hye-ryung (Park Seon-young) and were in danger of losing their custody. ) decided to go to grandma’s house, stimulating the tears of viewers.

Above all, following the reveal of the past story of Joo Kyung-il (Lee Sang-woo), who raised suspicions with his suspicious appearance, the reality of ‘Other Music’ and the chocolate incident that threatened Min Ji-hoo’s life were revealed. . Moreover, when it was revealed that Park Hye-ryeong (Park Seon-young) was behind all the schemes by manipulating the Shinhwa, the small screen gave the audience goosebumps. In this regard, let’s check out the three ‘shock reversal points’ that made the story of the future even more unpredictable.fraud.

I wondered if the question would be resolved when Joo Kyung-il, who had raised suspicions by collecting photos and information of residents including Wang Jun-hee, was revealed to be a webtoon writer, but the indictment of a murder-fraud charges appeared and the curiosity about the identity was rekindled. state. Moreover, in the last 10 episodes, the story of Joo Kyung Il, who had a violent fight in the car while returning home with his wife who had had an affair in the past, saw a bus rushing towards the car and turned his steering wheel to the left.

As his wife died in this accident, he received a trial, and even after being acquitted, after being pointed at in the neighborhood, he ran away like a night escape to protect his daughter Juno-eul (Yun Hae-bin). However, to Wang Jun-hee’s question about whether she intentionally broke her steering wheel, Joo Kyung-il answered honestly, “Actually, I don’t know either.” In the end, Wang Jun-hee asked for time and left, and even after 8 months passed, the relationship did not recover, and attention is being paid to whether the two people’s story will end like this.


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