Unchanged Melody (2021)

Unchanged Melody (2021)

Drama: Unchanged Melody
Native Title: Unchanged Melody
Also Known As:
Screenwriter & Director: Jake Antipolo
Genres: Dramahttps://mydramalist.com/706007-unchanged-melody
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 4
Aired: Jul 15, 2021 – Aug 12, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Duration: 10 min.


Lorens Matalote
Cyril De Jesus
Jake Antipolo


Medley also revealed his feelings about Elvis’ “Unchained Melody.” “With ‘Unchained Melody,’ he killed it,” he said. “He stopped the show and said he had to do it.”

Medley said Elvis’ version of “Unchained Melody” wasn’t based on The Righteous Brothers’ recording. “‘Unchained Melody’ was Elvis’ favorite song, but not by The Righteous Brothers; his favorite version was by Roy Hamilton,” he added. “Roy Hamilton was one of our favorites, too. Elvis and I had so much in common. But to be entirely truthful, he really was doing Roy Hamilton on ‘Unchained Melody,’ and he did an unbelievable job.”
In 1954, North was asked to compose the score for the prison film movie Unchained. North composed and recorded the score, and then was asked to write a song based on the movie’s theme.

North asked Hy Zaret to write the lyrics, but Zaret initially declined, saying he was too busy painting his house! Thankfully, he was convinced to take the job.

Zaret refused the producer’s request to include the word ‘unchained’ in his lyrics, and it became known as ‘Unchained Melody’.

Instead, Zaret focused on someone who pines for a lover he has not seen in a “long, lonely time”.


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