Umi no Mieru Rihatsuten (2022)

Umi no Mieru Rihatsuten (2022)

A story about an hour-long quiet and hot encounter between an old shopkeeper and a young customer, set in a barber shop in a small seaside town.

-Why did the young man visit the beach barber shop?
――Why does the old shopkeeper start talking about his life?

The gentle seaside scenery, the ever-changing evening sun, the steam rising from the steamed towel, the rhythmic movement of the scissors, the hair bundles flying in the air, the bubbling shabon, the comfortable massage
… “And” craftsmanship “approach the heart.

A conversation between two men over the mirror.
Keeping an eye on the strange suspense woven by the old shop owner’s 70-year recollection, the last of the sudden turns will solve the small everyday mystery!

Special: Umi no Mieru Rihatsuten
Native Title: 海の見える理髪店
Also Known As: Barber Shop with a View of the Sea
Screenwriter: Adachi Naoko
Director: Morigaki Yukihiro
Genres: Life, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Mar, 2022 – ?
Original Network: NHK


Emoto Akira,Fujiwara Kisetsu


A young man visits a barber shop by the sea. The old shopkeeper happily started to adjust the hair to the customer’s order, “I’ll leave the hairstyle to you,” and talked about his life so far. He helped his grandfather start a barber shop at the age of 10, and his first job was to cut a regular customer with a clipper. In the 30’s of the Showa era, a store that was doing well was drowned in sake and divorced by violence against his first wife. While talking about such an unrelenting story, the shopkeeper continues to adjust his hair with a splendid hand. However, he suddenly confesses to a young man that he “has killed a person.


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