Uchida Yasuo Suspense: Asami Mitsuhiko Karuizawa Satsujin Jiken (2022)

Uchida Yasuo Suspense: Asami Mitsuhiko Karuizawa Satsujin Jiken (2022)

Special: Uchida Yasuo Suspense: Asami Mitsuhiko Karuizawa Satsujin Jiken
Native Title: 内田康夫サスペンス 浅見光彦 軽井沢殺人事件
Also Known As: 軽井沢殺人事件
Director: Suzuki Kosuke
Screenwriter: Iwashita Yuko
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Feb 28, 2022
Aired On: Monday
Original Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 1 hr. 54 min.


Iwata Takanori,Ito Atsushi,Takahashi Katsunori,Kudo Ayano,Oka Mitsuko,Hasegawa Hatsunori


“Yasuo Uchida Suspense Mitsuhiko Asami Karuizawa Murder Case” will be broadcast from 20:00 on February 28th on TV Tokyo’s Monday premiere.

This work is a masterpiece of the best-selling author Yasuo Uchida, who has published many travel mystery novels, and is a mystery drama based on the “Asami Mitsuhiko Series”, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

This time, a gorgeous cast surrounding Mitsuhiko Asami, the main character played by Takanori Iwata (EXILE, Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE), has been announced.

Atsushi Ito will play Iwao Takemura, also known as “Shinano’s Colombo,” inspector of the Nagano Prefectural Police Investigation Division, who will participate in this case investigation. Inspector Takemura of TV Tokyo’s popular series “New Shinano’s Colombo” will also appear in “Mitsuhiko Asami”.

And the mystery writer “Karuizawa Sense” is played by Takaaki Enoki, who played the roles of Mitsuhiko Asami and Yoichiro Asami for a long time.

In addition, Ayano Kudo will play the role of Miki Nomoto, the fiancé of a man who died in an accident leaving behind mysterious words, Mitsuko Oka will play the role of Mitsuhiko Asami’s mother, Mitsuhiko Asami, and Mitsuhiko’s brother will play the role of Yoichiro Asami, the chief of the criminal bureau of the Police Agency.

Katsunori Takahashi, who played police officer Okabe in Yasuo Suspense “Okabe Group of the Police Agency” (TBS), Mitsuhiko Asami, a private investor involved in a male venture company who died in an accident Yuko Natori plays the role of Ayako Ohara, who holds the role, and colors the Japanese version of “Mitsuhiko Asami Karuizawa Murder Case”.


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