Ubai Ai, Koko Kyoshi (2021)

Ubai Ai, Koko Kyoshi (2021)

Drama: Ubai Ai, Koko Kyoshi
Native Title: 奪い愛、高校教師
Also Known As: Stolen Love, High School Teacher
Screenwriter: Suzuki Osamu
Director: Komatsu Takashi
Genres: Romance, School, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Aired: Dec 27, 2021 – Dec 30, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: AbemaTV, TV Asahi

Main cast:

Mizuki Alisa,Otani Ryohei,Okada Nana,Matsumoto Marika,Watanabe Hiroyuki,Itabashi Shunya


Batuichi’s nurse, Ryoko Hoshino (Alisa Mizuki), meets a music teacher, Mita Fuyuno (Ryohei Otani), at a musical instrument cafe in the city she moved to. She listened to his flute performance and revived her feelings of love that she should have abandoned. Ryoko took out her long-standing violin for the first time in a long time, and as she held sessions with Santa’s flute, she gradually fell in love with her.

However, Mita had an English teacher, Hanako Tonaka (Marika Matsumoto), who also works at Ransakura Jogakuin High School, and her student also had a certified fiancée. Hanako’s father is Takeshi Tonaka, the president of a large company. Hanako had her old marriage, Shinichi Kagami, but after her engagement she had a history of canceling her marriage. Although not acknowledged by her father, Takeshi, the two engaged were the culmination of happiness.

Later, Ryoko’s daughter, Akira Hoshino (Nana Okada), moved into Santa’s class. She hated her father, who abandoned herself and her mother, and was a student who did not trust her because of it. Despite her bad heart, she doesn’t rely on adults and doesn’t even try to make her friends. May Haruyama, a classmate who reached out to her, also refused her. As her teacher, Mita cares about such a light and invites her to play the flute with her many times.

While facing the light that does not open his heart, Mita gradually feels beyond the teacher and the student at the light that should be a student. On the other hand, Mita, who does not give up on facing herself and speaks patiently, is also beginning to be anxious about the light.

She involves a high school teacher and her fiancée, her students and mother, and three people take the love of one man.


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