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Tsuda Umeko: Osatsu ni Natta Ryugakusei (2022)

Special: Tsuda Umeko: Osatsu ni Natta Ryugakusei
Native Title: 津田梅子 ~お札になった留学生~
Also Known As: Umeko Tsuda: Osatsu ni Natta Ryugakusei
Director: Fujita Meiji
Screenwriter: Hashibe Atsuko
Genres: Historical
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Mar 5, 2022
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: TV Asahi


Hirose Suzu,Harada Mieko,Ikeda Elaiza,Sakuma Yui,Miyazawa Emma,Inowaki Kai


The drama focuses on the story from the age of 17 when Ume returned to Japan after studying abroad in the United States to the age of 25 when she returned to the United States. Atsuko Hashibe , who worked on “Boku no Ikiru Michi” trilogy (Kansai TV) and NHK serial TV novel (morning drama) “Fight”, will be in charge of the script.

Elaiza Ikeda is  a study abroad companion of Ume, who is later called ” Hana of Kanarukan “, and Shigeru Nagai, a study abroad companion of Ume, is studying abroad in the United States with Yui Sakuma and Ume. Emma Miyazawa is Ryo Yoshimasu who returned to Japan in less than a year, and Kai Inowaki is Kanda Naibu, who was said to be the most fluent in English in Japan at the time, as well as Ume. Plays.

 As a family of plum blossoms, Hideaki Ito will be the father of plum blossoms, Sen, and Yuki Uchida will be the mother of plum blossoms. Mieko Harada, who plays Ume in her later years, is also in charge of narrating the drama. In addition, Dean Fujioka will play Mori Arinori, who supported Ume et al.’S study abroad in the United States, Kei Tanaka will play the first Prime Minister Hirobumi Ito, and Utako Shimoda, an educator and poet, will play Kami Hiraiwa.

 In 1871, 6-year-old Umeko Tsuda went to the United States as Japan’s first female international student at the recommendation of her esteemed father. In addition to Ume, she had 14-year-old Ryo Yoshimasu and Etsu Ueda, 11-year-old Yamakawa Sutematsu, and 9-year-old Shigeru Nagai, and Ume was the youngest. A year after starting to study in the United States, Ryo, who suffered from an eye disease, and Yuu, who was attacked by severe homesickness, will return to Japan. Ume is shocked, but remembers her father’s words and holds back her tears and continues her study abroad.

 In 1882, Ume, who turned 17 years old, returned to Japan after studying abroad for 11 years. He talks with Sutematsu and Shigeru about his dream, “Let’s make an English school that everyone can learn,” but Ume can’t even find a place to work. As a government-sponsored foreign student, she has always thought that she should be useful for the country. She is shocked by the low status of women in Japan.

 Meanwhile, Shigeru says he will marry a man he met while studying abroad. Ume, who thinks that Japanese marriage is not equal for men and women, cannot truly congratulate him. Such Ume makes her heart beat at the university professor Kanda Naibu, whom she met through the introduction of Shigeru. After that, Ume will live and work as a tutor for Hirobumi Ito’s wife and children.



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