Touboui F: Unmei wo Kaeta Shunkan (2022)

Touboui F: Unmei wo Kaeta Shunkan (2022)

Drama: Touboui F: Unmei wo Kaeta Shunkan
Native Title: 逃亡医F 運命を変えた瞬間
Also Known As: Fugitive Doctor F: The Moment When Fate Changed , Touboui F: Unmei o Kaeta Shunkan
Director: Toya Sato, Honda Shigekatsu
Genres: Adventure, Thriller, Mystery, Medical
Country: Japan
Episodes: 5
Aired: Feb 19, 2022 – Mar 19, 2022
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: Hulu

Main cast:

Narita Ryo,Mori Nana,Kiriyama Akito,Maeda Atsuko,Sakuraba Nanami,Sakou Yoshi


Hulu’s original story “Fugitive Doctor F: The Moment That Changed Fate” of the Saturday drama “Fugitive Doctor F” (every Saturday from 22:00), which is being broadcast on NTV, will be broadcast on February 19th, the sixth episode of the main terrestrial broadcast. After each episode is broadcast, it will be exclusively distributed on the online video distribution service “Hulu”.

“Fugitive Doctor F: The Moment That Changed Fate” will feature casts of dramas such as Ryo Narita, who starred in “Fugitive Doctor F,” Nana Mori, Akito Kiriyama, Nanami Sakuraba, Yoshi Sakou, and Atsuko Maeda. The story is drawn seven years ago, before Keisuke Fujiki, who plays Narita, was called a genius doctor.

By learning about unknown episodes and hidden pasts of characters that are not drawn on terrestrial broadcasting, the world view of the drama can be enjoyed even more.

In the first episode delivered on February 19, we will deliver an episode that triggered the relationship between the victim of the incident, Taeko Yagami (Nanami Sakuraba) and Keisuke Fujiki (Ryo Narita). The stage is seven years ago when the two were medical college students. Taeko was forcibly brought to a restaurant by Kyoko Karasuma (Atsuko Maeda) to hold her joint party. Her partner is a pair of handsome young doctors who said that Karasuma was introduced by a friend of CA. In addition, Taeko was asked by Karasuma to fake her identity as a CA together.


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