Tonikaku Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshitai dake desu ga (2021)

Drama: Tonikaku Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshitai dake desu ga
Native Title: とにかく婚姻届に判を捺したいだけですが
Also Known As: Anyway, I Just Want to Stamp the Marriage Registration
Director: Kato Naoki
Genres: Romance
Country: Japan
Episodes: 7
Aired: Oct 19, 2021 – Dec 21, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday
Original Network: Paravi
Duration: 10 min.


Fukagawa Mai,Takasugi Mahiro,Kasahara Hideyuki,Kobayashi Ryoko,Morinaga Yuki,Nagami Rea


In the video distribution service “Paravi”, the Paravi original story “I just want to stamp the marriage registration”  , which is being broadcast on TBS every Tuesday from 22:00, is popular . Exclusive distribution. and! Nana Seino, who will play the heroine in the main story, will appear in the final episode of the delivery tonight !
 Can Sachiko Asamiya, who plays Mai Fukagawa , find her destined love? However , the story begins to move a lot when Akiba Okado, who plays Nana Seino, gives a word to Shoko Asamiya who is lost! Please look forward to the final episode while looking back on the previous distributions.

“I just stamped the marriage report” Nana Seino and Kentaro Sakaguchi sent a romantic comedy about a false couple inevitably. The
 Tuesday drama “I just stamped the marriage report ” was based on the theme of fake marriage. It’s a romantic comedy. Nana Seino will be the first heroine on TBS’s Tuesday drama, and Kentaro Sakaguchi will play the other role . Akiba Okado (Nana Seino), an imadoki girl with zero desire to marry, and Hiiragi Momose (Kentaro Sakaguchi), a handsome weirdo, continue to ask “What is love for me? What is marriage?” A story that grows together. Momose’s sudden “Kyun” behavior, which I don’t know what he’s thinking, keeps me excited by “Sudden Kyun”It’s an inevitable romantic comedy! The final round will finally be reached tonight.

“I just want to stamp the marriage registration,” the final episode ! Nana Seino will also appear!
 In Paravi’s original story , “I just want to stamp the marriage report,” Shoko Asamiya ( Mai Fukagawa ), who seeks a fateful love with a high-spec boy, and the boys around her are depicted. .. It’s a high income, but it doesn’t look good … I’m reunited with a handsome ex-boyfriend, but I’m doing a suspicious job … I am fascinated by Yuito (Mahiro Takasugi ), who has a mysterious charm . However, she was depressed because she was recognized as a friend by Yuito, but she happened to meet again and was invited to a date. And in the final episode of the delivery on December 21st (Tuesday), it will start from the scene of the date of the two. Yuito swings around Asamiya from the beginning, but suddenly confesses her surprise, and Asamiya can’t hide her upset. Meanwhile, she suddenly received an incoming call from Akiba Okado (Nana Seino) to Asamiya . Her words with her bright leaves reaffirm her feelings towards Yuito.
 What did Asamiya do after that? -⁉ Finally, the fateful love of the two is decided!
 Asamiya has the impression that he is an “Azatoi-based married girl” who scores and evaluates all the men he meets to find the ideal high-spec boy, but the original story .In “I just want to put a judgment on the marriage registration,” he gives a glimpse of a deep-hearted figure that supports the love of the people around him while complaining, and sometimes takes action and cooperates on his own. With such a figure, the number of fans who wish “I want Shoko Asamiya to be happy at the end …!” Is increasing rapidly. The fateful love of Asamiya, who is attracting such attention, is finally settled … !!



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