Tokyo Vice (2022)

Drama: Tokyo Vice
Native Title: Tokyo Vice
Also Known As: トウキョウ・バイス , トウキョウ バイス
Genres: Business, Law, Crime
Country: Japan
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Ansel Elgort,Watanabe Ken,Rachel Keller,Ella Rumpf,Kikuchi Rinko,Ito Hideaki


Junpei Toma and Keiko Yamasaki , who belong to the Rats Detective Agency , and Kumiko Toma , Junpei’s younger sister , came to a live house in Shinjuku to see a band concert by Akira Nagure , who is also a member of the Rats Detective Agency . However, suddenly a man in the audience bleeds and collapses. The man gives a floppy disk to Junpei who tries to rescue him and dies. After two bullets were found in the man’s body, police determined that it was a murder case and set up a special investigation headquarters, and at the same time, the Rats Detective Agency began investigating the case.

The investigation revealed that the man who died was Professor Shinichi Saeki of Toa Institute of Technology, who disappeared five years ago, and was contacted by a major munitions maker, Yosei Heavy Industries , just before his disappearance. Junpei, who was glaring that the four-star heavy industry was involved in the incident, investigated the area around the four-star heavy industry, but during that time he was seriously injured by the attack of the four-star heavy industry’s armed helicopter. In addition, his younger sister, Kumiko, has been kidnapped by Yosei Heavy Industries. Akira and Keiko, who were requested to hand over the floppy disk, headed to the trading place to help Kumiko and exhausted the employees of Yosei Heavy Industries. After hearing about Kumiko’s whereabouts from the employees, the two ask the familiar detective Sakamoto for cooperation and infiltrate the four-star heavy industry laboratory in advance. Junpei, who learned that Kumiko had been kidnapped, also rushed to the institute.

Ming, who infiltrated the laboratory, was attacked by the new land walking weapon ” Dodome No. 3 ” developed by Yosei Heavy Industries. In fact, the contents of the floppy disk were the data necessary for controlling the legs of “Dodome No. 3”. It was clear that he was cornered, but he succeeded in cutting the operation cable of “Doru No. 3” with a short hair, but for that reason, the reactor, which is the second engine of “Doru No. 3”, started to run out of control. rice field. It was clear that Kumiko would be rescued and escaped, but the runaway “Dodome No. 3” was approaching. Junpei arrives at Akira, who has been cornered, and confronts “Dodome No. 3” to escape Akira and Kumiko. Although he managed to destroy “Doru No. 3”, “Doru No. 3” exploded immediately after that, and the laboratory was engulfed in flames. Akira and his friends were worried about Junpei’s body, but Junpei succeeded in escaping with a short hair, and appeared in front of everyone and was pleased to see him again.

In the wake of this turmoil, the crimes of corruption, kidnapping of Kumiko, and murder of Professor Saeki related to the development of “Dodome No. 3” by Yosei Heavy Industries will be revealed.



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