Tokyo MER: Hashiru Kinkyuukyuumeishitsu (2021)

Tokyo MER: Hashiru Kinkyuukyuumeishitsu (2021)

” TOKYO MER ~ Running Emergency Lifesaving Room ~ ” (Tokyo MIR Hashirukinkyukyumeisitsu) is a TV drama broadcast in the TBS -based ” Sunday Theater ” frame from July 4th to September 12th, 2021 . All 11 episodes. The lead is Ryohei Suzuki [2] , who will star in the Sunday Theater for the first time .

Set in Tokyo, an emergency vehicle (ER car) equipped with the latest medical equipment and operation room rushes to the scene of a serious accident, disaster, or incident that is extremely dangerous, and a professional team of emergency departments who quickly provide life-saving measures to the injured. A full-scale emergency medical drama depicting the activities of “TOKYO MER” (Tokyo Mobile Emergency Room) .

The sequel to the movie will be released in 2023

Drama: Tokyo MER: Hashiru Kinkyuukyuumeishitsu
Native Title: TOKYO MER~走る緊急救命室~
Also Known As: Tokyo MER: Mobile Emergency Room
Screenwriter: Kuroiwa Tsutomu
Director: Hirano Shunichi, Matsuki Aya
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Medical
Country: Japan
Episodes: 11
Aired: Jul 4, 2021 – Sep 12, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: TBS
Duration: 54 min.


Suzuki Ryohei,Kaku Kento,Nakajo Ayami,Nanao,Kote Shinya,Sano Hayato


” TOKYO MER ” is a critical care team born from the heart of Azusa Akatsuka , the governor of Tokyo . During the ceremony, which was shown to many media, a collision between a bus and a heavy truck occurred, and the first request for dispatch was made.

The members of MER who work at Tokyo Kaihin Hospital were not able to plan the ability of Kota Kitami , who was appointed as the chief doctor , but they are enthusiastic about the accurate and prompt treatment at the site. However, Kitami’s life-saving activities were accompanied by many problematic behaviors such as trying to jump into dangerous sites, resulting in repeated conflicts with related organizations, including the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare , Mariko Shirokane , who is the political enemy of the Governor of Tokyo. Persons with various speculations plan to dismantle TOKYO MER and stand in front of them.

Nao Otowa , a medical engineer seconded from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who is also a member of MER, noticed that there is a “blank year” in Kitami’s career while planning to dismantle MER . Grasp the fact that the terrorist Elliott Tsubaki of the terrorist organization Lasting Peace 9 (commonly known as LP9) was imprisoned in prison for one year on suspicion of being a collaborator of the terrorist organization because he saved his life overseas and concealed it.

One day, a camellia appears in Tokyo and carries out a terrorist bomb attack targeting Kitami’s younger sister, Ryoka , for the reason of “informing the absurdity of the world” and takes her life.

In order to dispel the suspicion of his dark donation, the secretary general of the People’s Self-Party, Yugen Amanuma , who plans to dismantle the MER and turn the public’s attention to the suspicion of the terrorist in Kitami, made no suggestion for the survival of Otowa, and the MER at the final examination committee. Will be dismantled. Meanwhile, a large number of injured people were injured in the terrorist bombing by Tsubaki again in Tokyo, and despite the decision to dismantle, the members of MER including the trainee Hina Tsurumaki showed Kitami. According to the policy of “There are lives that cannot be saved just by waiting”, we will go to the lifesaving site of the terrorist attack with an ER car.

In a desperate situation where a large number of injured people were injured in the bomb terrorism and the emergency lifesaving could not catch up with MER alone, Akatsuka reminded me of the original intention to become a politician as a medical engineer. Decided to use his alleged dark donation and give up. He boarded the Crisis Management Office, declared that he would formally approve MER’s activities as Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare at his own discretion, and immediately supported MER’s staff who had been asking and answering MER at the scene of the terrorist attack. Let it turn to. Shirokane, who said to the furious Amanuma that “life is our top priority!”, Makes full use of the minister’s authority and mobilizes medical staff from other prefectures near Tokyo to save the lives of the injured.

Kitami, who had just saved the terrorist from his belief as a doctor and, as a result, withdrew to his home and was driven by self-responsibility for killing his sister in a terrorist bomb, decided to leave MER, but at home. Inspired by his ex-wife and surgeon, Chiaki Takanawa , who visited the site, he was reminded of “doing the best he can as a doctor” and rushed to the scene of the terrorist attack, returned to MER, and was relieved in a dire situation. Give a feeling.

Shizuka Tsukishima , a public security detective who chases Tsubaki, finds out that the true target of the terrorist attacks that Tsubaki foretold is Tokyo Kaihin Hospital, and secures himself after shooting Tsubaki who appeared in the staff room of MER ahead of time. And prevent terrorism. At that time, the camellia became serious due to the impact, but Kitami carried the camellia to the ER car and said, “If I abandon the life in front of me, I will not be a doctor. We will not be a MER.” Save the life of Tsubaki, who should be the hateful opponent who took the life of his sister.

Two months after the terrorist bombing, the official operation of TOKYO MER started. The inauguration ceremony was held, and it became clear that Otoha was appointed as the general manager of MER, and with the support of Kitami and Otoha, he was appointed as the chief doctor again. However, during the ceremony, a collision accident between houseboats that were navigating the Sumida River caused a request for dispatch, and MER was dispatched to the scene for emergency lifesaving.


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