Tokkohei no Kofuku Shokudo (2021)

Tokkohei no Kofuku Shokudo (2021)

Special: Tokkohei no Kofuku Shokudo
Native Title: 特攻兵の幸福食堂
Also Known As: Happiness Cafeteria of Special Attack Soldiers , A Dining of Special Attack Corps , とっこうへいのこうふくしょくどう
Genres: Historical, War
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Aug 11, 2021
Original Network: NHK
Duration: 59 min.


Hamada Gaku,Tsuda Kenjiro,Yoshizawa Ken,Kusabue Mitsuko


“Drama x Manga” Kamikaze Shokudo “” is a story about the 35-year-old manga artist Uonuma Yota, who describes the days until the work was completed about the “Kamikaze” that took place during the Pacific War. Yota, who stood on the edge of a cliff after the serialization was discontinued, was a tavern that he entered with his senior Nishikaito. I hear the story. Yota, who wanted to draw a manga based on that, learns from Eiko the true faces of the Special Attack Units who had never known before. The drama is developed by interweaving the manga parts.

In the drama, Gaku Hamada will play the role of Yota Uonuma, Kenjiro Tsuda will play the role of Yota’s senior Nishikaito , Mitsuko Kusabue will play the role of the izakaya proprietress Eiko Shimada, and Ken Yoshizawa will play the role of Eiko’s childhood friend, Yasushi Ida .


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