Tokai no Tomu & Soya Bokura no Toride (2021)

Tokai no Tomu & Soya Bokura no Toride (2021)

Drama: Tokai no Tomu & Soya Bokura no Toride
Native Title: 都会のトム&ソーヤ ぼくらの砦
Also Known As: Urban Tom & Sawyer Our Fort
Director: Kawai Hayato
Screenwriter: Tokuo Koji
Genres: Adventure, Mystery
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: Jul 16, 2021 – Sep 3, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: AbemaTV
Duration: 30 min.




This work is a live-action version of the novel series by Kaoru Hayamine. Similar to the movie ” Urban Tom & Soya ” that will be released on July 30, junior high school student Naito Uchito and Sakai Daichi , who have the survival ability to survive any situation , are the bosses of the big conglomerate and the clear companion Ryuo. Play Souya.

In all eight episodes of “Tom & Soya in the City, Our Fort” linked to the movie, the insider and Souya develop reasoning and adventure in various places in the city in order to create the “ultimate game”. After the main broadcast, “Julius TV”, which is guided by Julius Warner, played by Shiori Tamai of Momoiro Clover Z , and the making video of this work will be aired.

Hayamine said, “I try to write the story of playing R / RPG and the story of the school life of the insiders alternately.” At that time, I felt that the movie version was about R / RPG and the drama version was about school life. Fun interactions with classmates and teachers, school events ──. While watching the drama, I was in my junior high school. I missed the times. “

In addition to Castle and Sakai, Hana Toyoshima plays the role of Miharu Horikoshi, a classmate who cares for Souya, and Taishi Nakagawa plays the role of Takuya Nikaido, the bodyguard of Souya . In addition, Hayato Ichihara , Tsubasa Honda , Win Morisaki , and Tamai were on the cast of the genius game creator group .


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