Tinted With You (2021)

Tinted With You (2021)

Drama: Tinted With You
Native Title: 물들여
Also Known As: Colour , Colour Me , Muldeulyeo , Dye It , Colouring , Dye
Director: Ra Ha Na
Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: Dec 23, 2021 – Jan 14, 2022
Aired On: Thursday, Friday
Original Network: Viki
Duration: 12 min.

Main cast:

Jun,Yoo Hyun Woo,Kim Tae Jung,Yoon Ye Hee


Moving Pictures Company, which produced the web drama ‘Florida Spot’, has announced a new ‘dye’.

Moving Pictures Company announced on the 2nd that the new ‘Dye’ will be broadcast for the first time on the 23rd through the idol romance app, and will be released every Thursday and Friday.

‘Dye’ is a time-slip fantasy romance depicting Eun-ho, who has been sucked into the past somewhere in the picture, meets the deposed Crown Prince Heon and his escort, Geum, and understands each other in a precarious situation.

‘Dye’ is the second historical drama BL (Boy Love) web drama following Moving Pictures Company’s previous work ‘Ryu Seon-bi’s Wedding’. differs in that respect.

The ghost that saved mankind?!
Eun-ho, a senior in high school who draws oriental paintings, is played by Park Jun-hee of the group ACE, Yoo Hyeon-woo of the deposed Crown Prince Heon-eun, and Kim Tae-jeong, who appeared in the drama ‘Extraordinary You’.

In the released poster, you can feel the affection between Eun-ho and Heon, and scenes that can only be seen in the historical drama BL, such as the superb view in the picture and the flying hanbok, catch the eye. In particular, the phrase ‘Let’s go back with me’ is written, raising expectations for this broadcast.

Moving Pictures Company is steadily producing its own BL web drama, and another BL web drama ‘I Want to Bite’ is about to air with the campus as the background. Next year, Thai works such as ‘Secret Crush On You’, ‘Cutie Pie’, and ‘The Tuxedo’ will be aired at the same time, and two of the works submitted for the contest will be released in the first half of the yea


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