Ting Qian Wu Song (2022)

Ting Qian Wu Song (2022)

Drama: Ting Qian Wu Song
Native Title: 庭前无讼
Also Known As: 庭前無訟
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Hunan TV

Main cast not yet:


Sun Zhe, Luo Yuanxiang, Liu Xiaoxian, and Xu Tian formed a deep friendship ten years ago because they were both interns at the Xingcheng Basic Court. Today, Sun Zhe and Luo Yuanxiang serve as judges of the Civil Division of the Xingcheng Basic Court, Liu Xiaoxian has become a judge of the Criminal Division of the Intermediate Court, Xu Tian returned to Xingcheng and became a lawyer after studying abroad. He was transferred from the Supreme Court to the Star City Basic Court as an assistant judge. The five people grew up in handling a case. They adhered to the principle that the case was closed, and showed their strengths in civil and criminal cases. Shi Yi’s idealism infected Sun Zhe, Luo Yuanxiang gradually changed others’ stereotypes of himself, Liu Xiaoxian regained his strength after a setback in the criminal trial, and Xu Tian realized the advanced nature of Chinese judiciary in the conflict between Chinese and Western ideas. With the promulgation of the Civil Code and the continuous deepening of judicial reforms, Shi Yi, Sun Zhe and others and their colleagues in the court have made continuous progress on the road of “no lawsuits”, practiced their original aspirations on the road of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, and served the people for the people. service


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