Thirty-Nine (2022)

Drama: Thirty-Nine
Native Title: 서른, 아홉
Also Known As: 39 , Seoleun Ahob
Screenwriter: Yoo Young Ah
Director: Kim Sang Ho
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Airs: Feb 16, 2022 – Mar 24, 2022
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: jTBC, Netflix
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Main cast:

Son Ye Jin,Jeon Mi Do,Kim Ji Hyun,Yeon Woo Jin,Lee Moo Saeng,Lee Tae Hwan


JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Thirty, Nine’ (played by Yoo Young-ah/directed by Kim Sang-ho/produced by JTBC Studios, Lotte Cultureworks), which will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm on the 16th, will feature Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin), Jung Chan-young (Jeon Mi-do), and Jang Joo-hee. (Kim Ji-hyun)’s bloody brawl will be broadcasted for the first time.

Cha Mi-jo, Jeong Chan-young, and Jang Joo-hee, who are thirty-nine years old but return to their infancy when they are together, decide to gather at the hospital of their best friend, Cha Mi-jo, a dermatologist, and hold a pious friendship event.

At that time, when they were having a peaceful time quarreling, something like lightning happened to them. To receive a merciless attack from an unknown group that came without warning. The three friends are forced to join the war in an instant, and at the age of 39, they fight and go to the police station.

In the released photo, Mi-Jo Cha, Chan-Young Jeong, and Joo-Hee Jang are seen sitting side by side in a police station chair. The sparse hair is the basics, and the broken lips and nosebleeds suggest the situation at the time when it was hot. Cha Mi-jo’s laser-shooting eyes, Jeong Chan-young, who has a wrinkled forehead while touching a sore spot, and Jang Joo-hee’s half-enthusiasm appearance also provoke comical laughter, making the three friends wonder about the daily life of the three friends who seem to have no wind. .

The existence of her older sister Mi-hyeon Cha (Mal-Geum Kang), who uses her fighting powers and watches Mi-Jo Cha’s face, is also unusual. In particular, there is a lot of anxiety in Mi-jo Cha’s gaze looking at her older sister, and at the same time, Joo-hee Jang’s expression is frozen.

Cha Mi-hyeon’s bloody gaze stimulates curiosity even more, as if it is announcing the arrival of the final king of this area. An ominous situation foreshadowing the second leg. The three friends will be able to safely leave the police station and return home, raising speculation as to why this happened to them.

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Thirty, Nine’ will premiere tomorrow (16th) at 10:30 PM.



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