The Wand Warrior (2021)

Drama: The Wand Warrior
Native Title: คทาสิงห์
Also Known As: Katha Singh , Sceptre Singha , Sceptre Sing
Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 18
Aired: May 25, 2021 – Jul 26, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: Channel 7
Duration: 1 hr. 55 min.


Bank Artit Tangwiboonpanit,Pupe Kessarin Noiphueng,Tarn Kanya Rattanapetch,Chap Varakorn Sawasakorn,Cookie Yada Suwanpattana,Oat Chakrit Boonsing


Kata Sing is the family of Kong Tai people. that King Singharaman gave to Chaiya (Atthit Tangwiboonpanich), who was a military commander To be used to fight against the invading army with various superstitions, but the royal priests of Saen Muang (Naphasakorn Mittheerarot) want to possess a scepter, so there is a usurpation. Although Chaiya is in love with Bua Sawan (Kesarin Noi Phueng), the daughter of the Saen Muang royal priests. But Chaiya was unable to raise a lion’s scepter . therefore willing to die with Chaiya by dividing the lion’s scepter and carrying each part to the underworld… The Lion Scepter was split in two and has since been lost.

800 years later, Tri (Athit Tangwiboonpanich), an orphan was raised by Reverend Grandfather Coin (Yodchai Meksuwan) with various subjects and spells taught by Luang Pu When the triad grew up, he traveled to Singhanakhon. which he wants to know his origin And that leads Tri to meet Sirinda (Kesarin Noi Phueng), the middle daughter who was raised by Mr. Sutha (Naphasakorn Mittheerarot), an influential figure here. Sirinda is a special woman. She had been able to speak and read the ancient Chinese language since birth. He is also a historian. Sirinda felt in love with Tri since the first time they met. Without knowing why,

Rangsima (Kanya Rattanaphet), the eldest daughter of Mr. Sutha, is jealous of Sirindha. and want to possess everything of Sirinda, including Tri and Scepter.Rangsima became interested in occult magic until entering the world of occultism. And after Nan In’s (Sahasachai Chumrum) course was transmitted to Rangsima Kathasing

Inspector Prakhong (Chatchai Ngamsan) and Lieutenant Sahaeng (Jessica Sompong) were stationed here with Superintendent Thira. (O-River Beaver) is the Chief Inspector of Support and Moonlight. Attempted to arrest Sutta for prosecution several times. But there is no solid evidence. As for Director Thira, although he still receives money and has mutual interests with Sutta, deep down, he wants to lose his net. and become great Now he’s not doing anything right. Because Sutta joins trade and is friendly with General Samran (Phenpetch Phenkul), the head of the New Kid’s Revolutionary Forces. Who has only one cherished son, that is Lieutenant Niran (Warakorn Sawasakorn). General Samran hopes that Nirun will marry Sirinda for business gains.

On the net side, he was a person with magic and invulnerability. but too much of the knowledge accumulated in the body of the net causing a beast technique that devoured his body And the only way to be healed was that he had to find a lion mace , which Suddha had , a lion mace, and the hilt possessed. therefore trying to get Sirindna to find the head of the Scepter to find them and bring them together. On the other hand, Tri came to work at the beam of Sutha’s boat. Causing the inspector to keep a special eye on Tri and learn that Tri is the child of his old friend who died. Inspector Prakong suspects that Sutta did it. Because they want something, Tri, Inspector with support and Moonlight help to find out the truth about this matter. and Tri discovered that He himself had a connection with the Scepter Maca , and Sirinda, who was also asked by her father to help him find the Singing Maca , were inevitably close to each other. Finding and getting closerThe more the scepter, the more they felt connected as if they had loved each other since the past life. and when the secrets of the past were revealed So the exciting adventure begins.



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