The Tycoon (2022)

The Tycoon (2022)

Drama: The Tycoon
Native Title: 大生意人
Also Known As:
Genres: Historical
Country: China
Episodes: 60
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: iQiyi

Main cast not yet:


In the last years of Xianfeng, Gu Pingyuan, a passionate young man who wanted to become a scholar, was framed by a mysterious person in the imperial examination room and became a prisoner and was exiled to a sinister foreign land. In order to seek revenge for the truth, he fled to Shanxi with a caravan selling smuggled salt, and then started his legendary business road. With amazing courage, he led the caravan to brave the death swamp and broke out of the ancient plains of small fame. Facing the treacherous tricks of the Shanxi merchant king Tiangui, he broke the game and solved the situation. Gu Pingyuan was regarded as an old enemy by Li Qin. In the struggle between the two, Gu Pingyuan always turned from defeat into victory in a dangerous situation. From pawnshops to tea industry to military grain and salt industry, Gu Pingyuan gradually broke out of his own world, and at the same time found his life experience. With the shocking conspiracy that was murdered back then, this behind-the-scenes black hand directly pointed at the Li family. Unwilling to lose to Gu Pingyuan, Li Qin gradually became crazy in the business field and family relationship. He joined Wang Tiangui and the foreigners to start with the salt industry, the lifeline of the national economy, and caused heavy damage to Gu Pingyuan and the Qing Empire. For revenge, for national honor and disgrace, for the interests and reputation of businessmen in the world, Gu Pingyuan rose up and successfully counterattacked


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