The Tuxedo (2022)

The Tuxedo (2022)

Drama: The Tuxedo
Native Title: สูทรักนักออกแบบ
Also Known As: Sut Rak Nak Ok Baep , Suit Rak Nak Ok Baep
Director: Mike Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon
Genres: Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 8
Aired: Mar 5, 2022 – Apr 23, 2022
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: Channel 3
Duration: 20 min.


Chap Suppacheep Chanapai,Green Phongsathorn Padungktiwong,Ping Guntapat Kasemsan Na Ayudhya,Tape Worrachai Sirikongsuwan,Pond Khunnapat Pichetworawut,Ormsin Supitcha Limsommut


AOA Brothers, an exclusive tailor shop of 2 brothers Aiun (Green Phongsatorn) and Ob (Pound Khunpat) who inherited from their father. which has a skilled tailor like Ai Un The eldest brother has an unparalleled talent for tailoring suits. His quirks are well known in the industry. that he is the tailor who chooses the customer using the sense of who is worthy of tailoring a suit with a brother Serves as store manager who waited to negotiate for the selection of customers for his brother again

Until one day, Sichon (Tep Worachai), a young underdog, lost his job and lost his money, he had the opportunity to interview for a job at a company. but then with naivety causing him to fall into a situation that pushed him to help embrace who are being stolen by thieves Embrace accidentally leaving a suit that Sichon will use for a job interview at the scene. So Ai Un volunteered to tailor a new suit for Sichon. To thank Sichon for helping his younger brother

Sichon wore a neat suit that Aiwarm cut for him. Went in for an interview with Nawee (Chap Supacheep), a billionaire heir, one of the executives of SP Group, a well-known clothing brand. Navy accepts Sichon to work because he liked Sichon’s suit until I want that tailor to cut it for me at home Sichon sent a picture of the navy to Ai Un to look at, but it appeared that Ai Un refused. by reasoning that He was not destined to the Navy. Sichon was very troubled. because if this job he made a mistake That means he’s going to lose his job again.


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