The Tasty Florida (2021)

The Tasty Florida (2021)

Drama: The Tasty Florida
Native Title: 플로리다반점
Also Known As: Florida Chinese Restaurant , The Florida Restaurant , Florida Spot , Peullolidabanjeom , Peullolida Banjeom , Florida Banjeom , 플로리다 반점
Genres: Romance, Youth
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: Sep 24, 2021 – Oct 15, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Duration: 11 min.


Kim Yoo Hwan
Moon Kang Hyuk
Cha Woo Min


Seo Hae-won ( Cha Woo-min ) , a freshman college student who has just moved in, is not sure what to think of the guesthouse that has now become her home. The popular Chinese restaurant Florida Banjang is tucked away comfortably on its rooftop, so there’s always a crowd in and out of the building. However, it is not the constant influx of guests that Hae-won is worried about. The fact is that Baek Eun-gyu ( Yoo -hwan) , the owner and chef of the restaurant, seems to have serious complaints with him.

Haewon, who was offered a part-time job at a restaurant on the recommendation of her fellow restaurant owner Cha Ji-soo ( Mun Kang -hyuk ), thought that he would be able to easily get to know the staff. But somehow Eun-gyu seems to hate him from the beginning. Although he doesn’t know why his boss is displeased with him, Hae-won gets along well with his fellow employees, Ha- jin ( Je – jae) and Joo Seo-hyeok ( Jun ). Before long, Haewon begins to attract the attention of restaurant guests just as much as her other handsome colleagues.

With such handsome staff, the Florida Spot never lacks a fan. For Hae-won, it’s no surprise that almost everyone who finds a restaurant eventually falls for the incredibly handsome Eun-gyu. The surprising thing about Hae-won is that he fell for him too. But can Hae-won win the heart of her sober boss?

The thrilling love story “The Florida Spot” is a 2021 Viki Original romantic film directed by Yang Kyung-hee


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