The Sweetest Secret (2021)

The Sweetest Secret (2021)

Drama: The Sweetest Secret
Native Title: 你是我最甜蜜的心事
Also Known As: You Are My Sweetest Thing , Ni Shi Wo Zui Tian Mi De Xin Shi
Screenwriter: Alice
Director: Xie Yi Hang
Genres: Psychological, Romance, Life
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: Dec 15, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 33 min.

Main cast:

Joey Chua,Zhou Yi Ran,Xu Kai Xin,Liao Hui Jia,Xu Yi Han,Xu Nuo Yan


Tang Weiwei was 27 years old when she graduated as a graduate student in psychology. She planned to continue taking the exam, but was severely stopped by her family. Tang’s father stole Tang Weiwei’s graduation certificate, stifled his daughter’s doctoral dream in the face of a “class enemy”, and ordered that Tang Weiwei must marry herself before the age of 28. Tang Weiwei, who just broke up with her boyfriend, faced her father’s urging to marry and her studies that were forced to be suspended due to the urging of marriage, and she began to reject marriage and face relationships again. As a psychology graduate student, she suffered from a mental illness. In order to adjust herself, Tang Weiwei did the most arbitrary thing she wanted—she started her own business and opened a dessert shop called “Heard”. And she has just entered the society from school, and she also has all kinds of unaccustomed and at a loss. Tang Weiwei faces countless tests and challenges. She is distressed and anxious, as if she is an enemy of the world. It was at this time that Lin Ran stood up – this little brother who was five years younger than her, and who was still hanging in his memory, illuminated Tang Wei’s world with all his heat and light


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