The Snow Queen (2018)

The Snow Queen (雪女王 / Xue Nu Wang) is a Chinese drama with Dylan Kuo, Rayza, Qiao Ren Liang, Andy On. Premiere 30-May-2018 by Jiangsu Variety Channel.

Drama: The Snow Queen
Native Title: 北国英雄
Also Known As: 雪女王 , Heroes of the North , Xue Nu Wang
Director: Yang Yang
Genres: Action, Romance, Drama, War
Country: China
Episodes: 50
Aired: May 30, 2018 – Dec 29, 2018
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: JSTV
Duration: 45 min.


During a time when Manchuria was a puppet state of the Empire of Japan, there lived a young woman from the North Country who engaged in a life and death struggle against her enemies and earned the name of Snow Queen.

After the Mukden Incident in 1931, the Gu family that has been fighting against the Japanese army is massacred. Only the adopted daughter of the family, Gu Xue Ying (Rayza), escapes and she travels to Qiqihar to reunite with her fiancé Gu Zhao Long (Dylan Kuo).

Gu Zhao Long has infiltrated Manchukuo as a member of the army. Thinking that his fiancée has defected, Gu Xue Ying swears to kill him for shaming the family. Her journey takes her to the Qian Mountains, where she joins a band of freedom fighters and participates in the Defense of Harbin. She and Gu Zhao Long meet several times as opponents in battle. Meanwhile, she falls in love with military strategist Shen Lei Zhi (Qiao Ren Liang).

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