The Righteous Fists (2022)

The Righteous Fists (2022)

Drama: The Righteous Fists
Native Title: 鐵拳英雄
Also Known As: 曼谷唐人街 , 唐人街 , Chinatown
Genres: Action, Thriller, Comedy, Wuxia
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 30
Aired: Jan 10, 2022 – Feb 19, 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: TVB Jade
Duration: 45 min.

MAin cast:

Ruco Chan,Natalie Tong,Joel Chan,Elaine Yiu,Philip Ng,Grace Wong


In 1935, Bu Tianxia, ​​Lian Zhenshan and Lu Xiangdong had just moved their families to Tangren Street , Thailand. However, under the overbearing control of the gangsters, the residents managed to stay safe and clean the snow in front of their houses. . Finally, as the heirs of Bajiquan, he couldn’t bear it, so he decided to join hands with Zhenshan and Xiangdong, who were the heirs of Wing Chun and Bagua Zhang, to teach martial arts to the neighbors, hoping to work together to eradicate the local bully Wang Quan for the people, but Wang Quan sent people kidnapped the children of the three of them. After the three arrived, Tianxia suddenly attacked Zhenshan, while Dong and the bullies perished together (the truth is that Lu Xiangdong was a traitor, pretending to greet Tianxia’s injuries, and applying needles to Tianxia’s neck was true, causing the world to hallucinate and mistake Zhenshan as the king. Spring, so I have been attacking Zhenshan). In addition, Qingyun, the eldest son in the world, left his younger siblings to save Zhenshan and Xiangdong’s children. Later, he was unable to save his younger siblings due to the fire. In one night, the three families were destroyed, and the Bu family was identified as helping the Zhou Dynasty and was bullied by the neighbors. Qingyun and his mother decided to leave this sad place…

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