The Return of the Snake Girl (2021)

The Return of the Snake Girl (2021)

Drama: The Return of the Snake Girl
Native Title: 蛇女归来
Also Known As: She Nu Guilai
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Horror
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Aired: Dec 19, 2021
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 5 min.

Main cast:

Fu Xiao Xian,Wu Xing Jian,Yu Xin Tian,Zhang Shuang Li,Song Hai Jie


A snake-shaped monster appeared, and for a moment, the tongue wrapped around the old fisherman and dragged him away; a moment later, an 18-year-old girl, Xin Rui, came out, covered in mucus, with scales appearing on her face from time to time. High school student Fu Junhao finds the young girl Xin Rui and takes her home. Since then, people have disappeared on the island. Xin Rui and Fu Junhao found a mysterious base underground on the island, and snake-shaped monsters appeared in the underground base in the process of searching for their missing friends. What is the identity of the girl Xin Rui? What kind of connection does she have with monsters? What is the truth? The kind Fu Junhao would not have thought that he would be involved in a huge disaster…


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