The Penthouse 3: Hidden Room - The Beginning of the End (2021)

The Penthouse 3: Hidden Room – The Beginning of the End (2021)

This is a special special program of Penthouse III that aired on June 2, 2021 .

Special: The Penthouse 3: Hidden Room – The Beginning of the End
Native Title: 펜트하우스 III 히든룸 – 끝의 시작
Also Known As: The Penthouse 3 – Hidden Room: The Start of the End , The Penthouse III : Hidden Room – Start of End , The Penthouse 3 Special , 펜트하우스3 스페셜 , 펜트하우스 시즌3 스페셜 히든룸 : 끝의 시작
Genres: Documentary
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: Jun 2, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: SBS
Duration: 1 hr. 14 min.


Kim Hyun Soo,Kim Young Dae,Han Ji Hyun,Choi Ye Bin,Jin Ji Hee,Lee Tae Vin


In SBS ‘Penthouse 3 Hidden Room – Beginning of the End’, which was broadcast at 9 pm on the 2nd, a special broadcast of SBS’ new Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’, which will be broadcast on the 4th of June, was decorated. Park Ho-san as Yoo Dong-pil, Ahn Yeon-hong as Jin Bun-hong, and On Joo-wan as Baek Joon-gi, who are called three people, told stories about the drama.

While the true intentions of Yoo Dong-pil, Jin Bun-hong, and Baek Jun-ki, who appeared in earnest from ‘Penthouse 2’, are questioned, Park Ho-san, Ahn Yeon-hong, and On Joo-wan, who played each character, directly analyzed their roles.

Park Ho-san said about Yoo Dong-pil, “He is a sensitive person. If he helps his family, he is an ally, if he is in conflict, he is an enemy. It is not justified, but he was an understandable person.”

Regarding his relationship with Secretary Jo (Kim Dong-gyu), he said, “It seems that he was definitely on my side. Only the writer knows what will happen next. The characteristic of ‘Penthouse’ is that ‘no one knows’. I believe in the writer that much. “he said.


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